Tuesday, February 14, 2012

buckets of fun

We had ourselves a visitor last week! We get very excited when any visitor comes to town, but this was not just any ordinary visitor, nosiree. This was a Pomer! A frousin! The Pomers had the big house we would go to after Thanksgiving dinner. My Dad would set up the old reel to reel projector and we'd watch family movies while a million kids ran all up and down the ins and the outs of the joint. Even without a holiday, there were an awful lot of people in the Pomer family. Aunt Peggy and Uncle Frank had a dozen kids, we used to love to rattle off their names: PattiFrankieRichardMegMichaelMaryJimmyJanetKathyBobbyDavidKristen. I still love rattling off their names. Our visitor was the wee blond baby, the indelible Kristen!

When we first learned that Kristen would be in town at a fancy hotel, our minds went to the sanctioned pool crash opportunity. But after learning that Kristen was kept busy with conference-y activities for most of her days and conference-y dinners for most of her nights, I thought it might be nice to bust her out and show her some of our local delights.

She was game!

First stop: Secret Beach ! Remember Secret Beach?

The world's best bench

Cousin love! With some sketchy hobos in the background.

Cousin love! With a big ugly house in the background.

Lovely girl

Lovely girl

When we first got there, we were distracted by a wild and unruly pack of heathen children running wild in and out of the scary cave. I judged their parents for allowing them to go into that scary cave. Kristen judged them for doing so in their jeans. The point is, we judged.


At least they weren't in jeans. Don't judge.
Second stop: sandy beach

After a little cookie haggling.

Cousin love, duney style

Dork alert

Cousin love, once removed
Third and final stop: Tower Two

Look at that sunny spot we got, front row seats for the shining followed by setting sun.We had the whole joint to ourselves!
It seemed insufficient to just order delicious beer when Tower Two offers such a wonderfully unique yet awesome presentation of one's champers

Heretofore dubbed the Bucket of Fun
We had some food and caught up a bit as the sun meandered slowly toward the welcoming sea.

We were all feeling great and having fun, and the scenery before us transformed into magic

Bringing out the inner performer in some of us

karate forms, shuffling, spontaneous hand to hand combat

Taking requests

um, push ups?


And the grand finale, which I think Ellie and her Mistah will particularly enjoy:

That's what they call a Full Boogsey
It was a really short, really great visit with the loveliest of lovely frousins. I am furious that you didn't stay longer, Kristen. You leave me no choice but to come to Boston, hopefully this summer.We love you, baby!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I'm downright swooning with love. Isn't Kristen grand? Isn't she funny? Ain't she purdy? What a gorgeous and lovely time you all had. I so very wish I could beam myself in for the festivities.

And I'm so happy to see that your girl has lost *nothing* in her Full Boogsie abilities -- which we discovered when she was a wee wee lass. Atta girl.

Love you all desperately.

Mom C said...

Aww, I love Kristen. what fun you had.. love. mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Wow, Mistah ain't got NOTHING on you, Jacquie. That last photo is pure awesomeness.

How cool Kristen got to see all your secret and not-so-secret OB hangouts. She is so the local now. Hopefully she can stay longer next time! And Ellie can beam herself in, and we can all go get more of those excellent champers buckets!