Thursday, February 2, 2012

We get there, and then we get home.

Hygienic XXXIII wasn't *only* about the art, you know . . .

Well, it mostly was. And about the music. But the before- and after-parties with our merry houseguests were awesome too . . .

I mean, really. What a happy bunch of reprobates. Unfortunately, Mistah's vestigial arm is not long enough to get us all in the photo.

I never go anywhere without a trusty fire extinguisher on my shoulder. And The Dowd is never seen without fishie platters growing out of his ears.

I love hold-out-the-camera-to-take-photos photos because you never know what you're going to get -- like say half of Mistah's face and both our rigs. And all of me.

Aw. My little big sister.

Anyway. Back to the Hygienic. To view the art on Sunday we had to *get* to the art on Sunday. So let's all hop in the Subie and head downtown, shall we? I'll drive.

Heading down Thames . . . 

Heading down Harris . . . 

In all my years walking downtown I have never seen two shoppers hanging out in front of Burr's Marina. Hygienic Miracle.

Heading down Pequot* . . . 
*Last summer my girl Nancy and her man Jonny came down to New London to spend the day at the beach, with their girl Zoe and Zoe's friend. They stopped at this spot to let Jonny and his sailboat out and as the four of them carried the vessel down to the water the poor friend said, "Um, is this it?"

And heading up Bank . . . 

I love Bank Street.

Oh look! The Hygienic! And our handsome greeter!

[Insert looking at the art show here].

And then after . . .

Golden Street. I love Golden Street, too.

The view from Ernie's*.
*where we did *not* have a drink because the bartender was very busy somewhere far, far away from the bar.

Here we are again, with a flash this time. We are the mutual admiration love society.

And then, sadly, it was time for MB and MD to hit the highway . . .

Here's MB telling MD to focus. As per. Here's Mark's reaction. As per.

And it's time for Mistah and me to head home, too . . . 

Care to hop in the Subie and join us for the return trip?

Goodbye Bank Street.

Goodbye Hygienic caryatids.

You know the movie Rainman? When Dustin-Hoffman-as-Raymond-Babbitt takes photos out the window of the car, and they're featured in the closing credits? Well, ol' Rainman's got nuthin' on our own Mistah Schleckah:

Oooh, a house!

Oncoming cars!

A roadhouse -- the best *kind* of house.

Even though I *am* driving by New London't tiniest beach, it's a beach with no waves. Which is why I really love this photo.

Heading up Thames . . . 

. . . annnd . . . home.

That was such fun! Thanks so much for joining us -- we loved having you along.


Anonymous said...

Great Job as usual!!

Lisa S said...

New London--and you--look so pretty! Wish we were...Oh, you know.

MB said...

LOVE! That was such a fun weekend - thanks for all your lovely hospitality. Both your Hygienic blogs are great, as are all the pix. xo

Me, You, or Ellie said...

You are quite the fab four. I love being able to be right their with you.

Until next year....


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I love all your dumb faces. Seeing the streets around your house makes me think of miserable runs in 700 degree weather.

I can't wait to meet Subes!