Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Green machine

So, this happened, I decided to sign up for the Get You Shit Together Cleanse Support Group that my friend from college is hosting/moderating/organizing. She is the none other than the good Dr. Cory (I know! Dr. Cory!)  Dr. Cory (Reddish) is a licensed naturopathic physician who does all manner of things. But one of the things she specializes in are cleanses. (Side note, she also produces Party Pax -- whose tag line is: virtuous vitamins for your vices. Great idea, right? She gets that people are going to overindulge, so why not give your system a break, and treat yourself to one of these, "all-natural highly effective party recovery nutrient formulas"? I've tried the Booze Pax, and they really do help.)

Anyway, the cleanse..... I've never done a cleanse before, and already one week into this group work, I don't know if I ever will.

Wait what? I'm in a cleanse group, but not cleansing? Here's the rub, I'm not good on any type of diet. It gets into my head. I rebel. My mind screams "No way in hell, I'm going to eat X and breakfast, Y at lunch, and Z at dinner. I will not! I will not. I will not. You can't make me!"

And I pretty much can't. It's that primal and that childish.

But, this group is as stated, more of a support group. Each of us is coming at this from a different angle. While some are working on eliminating caffeine and/or sugar, others are cutting out alcohol and other recreational drugs, while still others are focusing more on the consistency of their meditation practice.

Me? I'm not sure what the hell I'm doing. (Shocking, I'm sure.) But the loose structure, back and forth between group members, and  check-ins and "assignments" from Dr. Cory HAS been motivating.

Just look what all those photos of perfect green juice posted by others in the group has inspired me to do.

Yep, I laid down the big bucks.

Then hit OB Peoples for organic swag.
(Although the gorgeous organic orange I plucked right from our tree.

I guessed as to proportions,

threw it all into the behemoth,

and viola, my very first homemade green juice.

So it may have been heavy on the cilantro and light on the mango. But tomorrow is another day. Another day to work on getting my shit together, which is, obviously, the work of a lifetime.


Pat said...

Good for you. I am sure Tiffany will be thrilled.
Love, Mom

Beth said...

Yes! Maybe they'll come stay more often, lol.

I already got her standard green smoothie recipe ;) It's not what I made today, but will definitely try it!


jacquie said...

Always add an apple, it makes all the difference in the world. Cinnamon & ginger are great additions, too!

God for you, greenie girl!


Beth said...

Mmm, ginger, need to get me some of that. And will add he apple. Always.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I adore you and your shit, whether it is together or apart.

Good luck! Cleanse away!