Tuesday, July 15, 2014

uncle merv went to a wedding

Friends, your Uncle Merv went to Seattle for the wedding of two completely delightful people, so sit back an have a gander at the slideshow, because... well, obviously.

These two. It's these two! They got married. Our little Meggles and Sunshine.

We like Meg and Sanjay very much, but we *looooove* Seattle.

The adorable quotient was blown clear out of the water by various and spectacular denizens of the next generation.

And on July 4 weekend? We got all up in yo' 'merica.

So maybe our plan to view fireworks from the 35th floor of our downtown hotel was misguided. Whocares?

We had bigger fish to fry. Wedding primping fish! Wait... what?

We cleaned up okay

We took lots of taxis! Dad always had to sit up front, because that's scary.

And then... look! groomsmen. Handsome, handsome groomsmen. OMG is that guy on his phone? I will slap him.

nevermind. Groomsman photos are weirdly awesome. And aww, look at Sanjay! What's he smiling at?

Meg was resplendent Look at her pretty, airy veil

Also, her front half was stunning.

These two know about love.

I did *not* neglect the bridesmaids photo!

There was a photo booth at the reception, I was well represented.

We had the pleasure of spending the day-after with most of teh wedding party, whose goal was to find an activity that was fun and also sitting.

Ride the duuuuck!

Then back to the $4 beer place that we'd discovered on our first market outing

Then another day still! We were lucky to have those extra days with the newly minted Mr. and Mrs.

We got to visit a pretty downtown ballpark on a long summer night
We went up high and looked down at the beauty of Seattle,

 all 360 degrees of it, before we made one last sojourn 

to the market

and the $4 beer place
and the gum wall

and the Hobit

before a final, fabulous, foot waving send off by the last remaining family members
and a quick flight home

Happy life to you and you, our lovely Meg and Sanjay. You two are aces, and a harbinger of good things to come in the future.


MB said...

Love! Congrats to the newlyweds -- looks like an awesome time with family in Seattle. And you & your girl look like sisters, Littlest! xo

Beth said...

They do look like sisters. Especially in their fancy glasses.

What a lovely wedding. All good things to the newlyweds! (I need to meet me some Meggles and Sunshine.)

I really *must* see that photobooth strip up close! And the gum wall too. It's embarrassing not to have ever been to Seattle. This Uncle Merv installment makes me want to get up to that $4 beer place more than ever before.


Bree at Clarity Defined said...

I should have you write up a review of my sister's wedding. I feel like even though you weren't there you'd do a much better job at the storytelling and captioning.

mom said...

I love it Jacquie, Seattle looks stunning.. Can't wait to see your girl in a few short days... love, mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Seattle looks stunning, but more stunning are the peeps -- you peeps are purdy, yo. What a lovely family. What a lovely event. What a lovely couple! Meggles! Sunshine! Mozel Tov!