Monday, January 26, 2015


I have no idea; I never do.

But they -- they! -- are saying this:

Winter Storm Juno: Blizzard Warnings for New York City, Boston, Parts of 7 States; Potentially Historic Northeast Snowstorm Ahead

So let me give you some advice, people:

Buy a snow shovel.

Buy wine.

And hunker down.


Dawnie said...

And live near some really great, like-minded peeps, right?

Beth said...

And maybe some wood in case you lose power, plus more wine. Oh, and more wine.

Keep safe, sistah.

See you on the other side.


jacquie said...

I might just hunker down in solidarity. Thinking of all you nor'easterners and hoping the storm and aftermath are as fun as the anticipation seems to be.



mom c said...

It's still snowing this morning, we got about a foot or so. Power is on, coffee is hot, snug and warm... xoxo mom