Thursday, January 8, 2015


There it was again, Watch Hill.

There it was again . . .

. . . Tay-tay's house.

There they were again . . .

. . . the Merry Bunch of Freaks.

Aka Nutbar Central.

Aka Lunatic Row.

I spy Mistah over on the right . . . 

They're adorable, those kooky Freaks . . .

. . . those wacky Nutbars.

. . . those silly Lunatics.

The rest of us?

We prefer celebrate New Year's Day propah-like. On the shore drinking prosecco. Freezing our bums off.

Thank you for another lovely time, Watch Hill!

Meanwhile, back at the Dibbles' . . .

. . . oh wait! All the Freaks and Nutbars and Lunatics were there too.

And we thank our lucky stars for that.


Beth said...

Ha, I was looking for Mistah in the water, over on the right, and then could not figure out how he was also all bundled up drinking Prosecco on the beach, but then I got it, he was capturing the wacky nutbar silly lunatics on his camera. Smart Mistah, smart you!


Impressive fire!

jacquie said...

Please excuse my french, but those are some crazy ass muthafuckas.

I'm freezing to death just looking at them, and it's 75 degrees out.

You warm people look regular.