Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Appetizer

During our Florida girl's visit last week -- two weeks ago? 100 years ago? -- she set off for The Big Apple for a couple of days. Mostly, I think, so we could have another Arrival together, instead of the dreaded Departure.

We picked Renee up at the Old Saybrook Amtrak Station and set out for a drink and a bite. Thirsty and hungry work, these arrivals.

On perusing the menu at a downtown Pub in O.S., Mistah noticed the sandwiches and burgers came with "fries, chips or coleslaw." He told our waitron, who actually may have been a real, live automatron, that he wanted fries and coleslaw with his burger, but he also wanted chips as an appetizer. She said she'd check. She came back and said, "The chef said he can give you chips as an appetizer for $2.95." Fantasizing about homecut, thick, bubbling hot chips, we said, "Bring 'em on."

 And so she did.

 $2.95, baby.

And after that, well we could not get enough of The Appetizer.

New Year's Eve Day at the Dutch. The Appetizer. And yes I charged Mistah and Renee $2.95.

New Year's Eve. They were free. Well, actually, I found a bag in Hsin's kitchen and opened them and poured them in a bowl (I couldn't find a plate) so they were free for us.

I'm pretty sure nobody cared.

New Year's Day. Not an Appetizer in sight.
Zippo. Zilch. Nada.
Damn Health Freaks.

Sigh. Thankfully, we were all back at the Dutch the next day, where The Appetizer was back in full regalia:

Ya gotta love the Dutch.

The Dutch does not disappoint.

And then? Our house.

You gotta love our house . . .

Our house does not disappoint . . .

. . . for many many delicious reasons.

And then? Well, all good things must end, they say. And our visit ended, as these things often do, on a dark street in New London . . .

. . . but not . . .

. . . before one last Appetizer.


Beth said...

Hahahaha, wow, bring on the chips, baby! That was some serious mark up in Old Saybrook.

I don't often eat The Appetizer, but there is one day of the year that most of us do, and it's coming up, and I'm really, really looking forward to it now. I just may try to make a profit this Superbowl Sunday....


jacquie said...

What a delightful appetizer! I would enjoy it with a ramekin of onion dip, preferably made with lipton soup aka loaded with msg and all manner of unnatural ingredients.

smiley, happy people :)


mom said...

I'd like an appetizer right now, please....xoxo mom