Monday, June 20, 2022

1 Time day

Our great and glorious friend Kat Murphy found this list yesterday and brought it over and nothing has been the same ever since.

Bella and Addi have some ideas about the powers they wish they had. I wish I had their powers.

Bella's list  . . .  


1. Super Speed 1

2. ice 2

3. fire 3

4. control weather 4

5. green lantern 5

6. Invisible 6


Signed by a probably very young tiny tot Bello/Bella


Addi, on the other hand . . . 


1. Read minds 7

2. heal myself 8

3. Move things with mind 9

4. water 10

5. when I touch people I see there past 11

6. Teliport 1 time day 12


Oh my darling girl.

My thoughts, you ask? Oh, I have many thoughts . . . 

Of course.

2 Sure. But, like, to *make* it? For beverages?

3 Okay. Just be careful.

4 Yes please. I like it hot and steamy.

5 Whatever you say, honey.

6 Oooh, now we're talking . . . 


And Addi's ist? . . .

7 Good luck with that honey; better you than me.

8 Ohmygod. Okay. That stopped me in my tracks. Oh, Addi.

9 I would dearly love to know what you would move.

10 To swim in? To drink? For flowers? Elaborate. Please.

11 Oh dear. Are you sure? Because that is a *lot* to take on, you gorgeous empathetic creature.

12 Again with the stopping in my tracks. Because only 1? One time a day? Oh you modest glorious soul.


I love Addi. And I love Bella. And I need to teleport with them.

1 time day.

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