Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Post-Birthday Bliss

Mistah woke up early the morning after my birthday -- thankfully, because I needed some sleep and we seem to take up more room in the Westy than we used to, somehow -- and got right into the business of fire-rebuilding and coffee-making-on-fire-coals and general MacGyvering . . .

. . . which is excellent, if you're me.

He also walked down to the lake.

Here was my view when I deigned to finally descend from Westy's upstairs . . .

. . . good morning, Mistah!

We planned to head back to the Nutmeg State, to go to a local music fest, but realized it was still morning, we were in Rhode Island, right on the shore, and whew I could use a swim . . .

. . . so we stopped by the beach . . .

. . . and stayed all day.

Oh, and guess what?

I body-surfed!

Shocking, I know.

Also, I know these photos are redundant . . .

. . . I know it seems like they've been repeated a million times . . .

. . . but don't you think it's funny . . .

. . . that I wear the same expression in every bodysurfing shot ever taken of me?

I do. I think it's funny.

And then? The next week our friend Scott came down to cook us dinner.

Yes, "dinner".

"Dinner" as in "lobster and garden veggies in a light homemade pesto sauce over pasta".

That is my kind of dinner.

Scott is very bossy in the kitchen . . .

. . . but we obeyed his every directive.

Of course we did.

He brought lobster.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

not harry

Over the weekend, among many other adventures, we had the pleasure of babysitting Harry

Everybody loves Harry
He's personable
He fetches
He engages
He snuggles
but the thing about Harry is
that Harry is many things. Lovely things
but Harry is quite conspicuously not Hairy

Monday, September 15, 2014


I recently shared some photos of my girl's first day of kinder. It's a definite right of passage. You're no baby in kindergarten.

You've left preschool and all its dirty diapers and baby talk behind. You're rolling with the big kids.

The only other thing that could possibly impart as much grown-up bravado at this time of your life is this:

Yep my baby lost her first tooth. (sob)