Monday, February 19, 2018

Winter? Or Spring?

Saturday afternoon was beautiful.

It was warm -- well, warmish -- the clouds were gorgeous, the sun was shining, and we did what any self-respecting citizens would do at a time like that.

We hit the deck.

That selfsame deck later that night?


We got home late that night after celebrating The Year of the Dog and when I went up to bed I yelled downstairs, "Mistah, get up here!"

. . . because this is how it looked out the window. I mean, it was nighttime, but Mistah is nothing if not fancy with that camera, so he made nighttime look like daytime. It was miraculous out there.

And then Sunday?

It really was daytime and gorgeously sunny and fully warm . . . .

. . . so we re-hit the deck. Where everything melted around us. [drip]

If a Winter weekend delivers one Wintery night sandwiched between two Springlike days? I can handle it.

. . . and March 20 is right around the corner.

Friday, February 16, 2018

bright and dark

A couple of days ago I was having a moment, so I did what I do when I have a moment. 

Ocean Therapy

It was a blustery day and the beach was pretty deserted other than surfers and weirdos. The sky was magnificent

It was low tide, so I walked down to the tidepools to see what I could see

lots of little critters in those crevices and pools
This one was sweet... can you see it?

It was Valentine's Day, after all
It rained a little bit as I started to make my way north to my car. I hung out under the pier for a couple of seconds but it didn't amount to anything

That sky, though

It started going crazy. It was seriously indecisive. 

These were all taken within about 3 minutes

I couldn't resist turning back to keep looking at that southern sky, it was wild and dark and stormy. But eventually, I turned toward the sun and headed back to my life.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Books and Movies and Music and Food

"What have you been up to?" people ask.

"What have I been up to? Why are you asking me? Who wants to know? Why can't you just leave me alone?"

But they don't. They do not leave me alone. They make me answer.

So fine. Fine. I'll answer. But I'm not going to get into it. I'm going to answer then get back to my book.

I've been reading a lot.

I've read this:

And this:
 And this:
And this:
And this:
 And this:
 And this:
 And I'm almost done with this:

And in the Garde Arts Center winter movie fest we've seen this:

And this:

And this:
And this:
And this:
Ever since the Symphony, we cannot stop listening to this:

And this:

And this:

And this:

And food? We have double-handedly kept the greater New London metropolitan area restaurant industry in business.

We have eaten here:

Mr. D's

And here:

Mr. Rod's

And here:

Okay, okay, I guess I'll have to go into it a little, since I couldn't
steal any good photos that included the restaurant's name.
This is Go Fish.

And here:

Steak Loft. We had only drinks here. After Go Fish.

And here:

Lazy Leopard Sushi Side.
That sushi, man.

And here:

As advertised.

And here:

2 Wives with our 2 Girls.
Fabulous salad and pizza pie.

And here:

New London Coffee Shop? Yes. But don't let that facade fool you. Jose made us the meanest, baddest, most awesome steak burrito this side of San Diego on Friday night . . .

And on Saturday night? Happily, joyfully, finally, deliciously . . .

. . . here:

. . . we're baaaaaaaack.