Thursday, January 18, 2018

napping with strangers

I’ve been on a movie viewing tear lately. I love everything about going to the movies. I don’t care who I go with. I almost prefer going by myself, a much loved practice that began back in the days of needy babies and toddlers whose dad tended, during football season, to park himself on a soft surface for timespans that boggled the mind. It was a wise move to remove myself from that scenario, and the kids were no worse for the wear after being abandoned intermittently for perfectly acceptable spans of time.

Movie going in this new and improved life of mine is hit or miss. I am lucky enough to be on the invite list for a local promo company and receive regular invitations to free screenings of pre-releases. I have a small crew of friends who like to join me for these, and they know that I am ruthless with the axe if they no-show on me. I would be pained to lose my place of prominence with the promo peeps! This past year I freebeed to:
Allied  (forgot I saw it and started it on demand just the other night. Watched Battle of the Sexes Instead, which was good but slow to the point of almost boring)
Before I Fall, (creepy unsettling lesson about how to not be a dick to your friends)
Everything Everything (meh, girl in the plastic bubble)
Home Again (liked!)
Wonder, (Julia Roberts, barf)
Bad Moms Christmas (the first one was funny/awful. this one was just awful)

I think that's it. No real stand outs, even though I have notoriously low standards for being entertained, but I liked Home Again.

The kids and I sometimes look for something that all 3 of us will enjoy, but that’s a rare and elusive outcome. We are considering Jumanji though, because the trailer cracks me right up. Oooh don't you love trailers? I'm going to link all of them.  My girl is always down for a movie, and gets mad when I go without her. So don’t tell her that I saw all of these, okay?

Gorgeous, beautiful, simple, complex, lovely, lovely, lovely.

Oh my God. You should see Clara making fun of the way I cried through this one. I was/am wrecked.

So good – fast and smart and interesting.

Holy shitballs, this movie. Just go see it.  Inspired a viewing of Fargo the following night. #TeamFrances 

Last night the kids were with their dad. I met a friend for drinks after work then when I got home I decided to check the $10 offerings at the fancy theater right down the block. There was one seat left for the 7:30 showing of The Post, so I nabbed it and ran down there. I got nice and cozy in the leather recliner, sipped the beer I'd slipped into my purse, and promptly fell asleep. I'm pretty sure I snuggled up on the stranger next to me, and positive that I snored. Sigh. So that's still on my 'to see' list. 

I really need to see I, Tonya and The Greatest Showman. And every other movie in the world. Who's in?

Monday, January 15, 2018

Seriously Chilly Serious Scenes of Serious Winter

The snow has melted . . .

. . . but before it did?

Man, was it snowy around these parts . . .

. . . that's what happens when it snows.

It has since rained, and all the snow has melted . . .

. . . but now the Big Freeze has returned to us.

When the snow melted it seemed like Winter might be waning a bit . . .

. . . but I think Winter may have other ideas.

Friday, January 12, 2018

My 2017 in review

It was a big  year, man. Looking back for highlights to review was cathartic. I've come a long way, baby. 

In the interest of full disclosure, some of the months feature events that happened on the previous calendar page, so don't fact check too closely, will ya?

 January was the start of a new year, new life and the end of an era.

In February we had some adorable friends in lasagne beach

There was a Feb/March Interlude involving feeding the homeless

 In March I was off my game

April found my girl and me in Palm Springs

And May, oh May. I went everywhere. First Maui

Then Iceland Also May

 And Scotland was in May even though I posted it in June

 I don't know. More Iceland. I mean, c'mon. More June

 Summer brought a visit by Grammy for my boy's graduation, which I posted about in July

And in August I cleanseded my soul

September is a great month for San Diego locals

October was all about the butthole

November was a busy one with 2 trips back east

and December was all about our beloved Auntie Lillybuckets.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Ammirite?
2018 is the Year of Jacquie
Bring it on.

Monday, January 8, 2018

The Year in Review

When I was a kid -- 13 or so -- I remarked to my Dad how quickly the summer went by.

"Wait 'til you turn 40," he replied.

And now that I'm firmly in my early-to-mid-50s? Yeesh, man.

Anyway. 2017! Let's have a look-see . . .


January was when we thanked everybody. What a show of love and support and strength and determination and incredible fortitude and intrepidity. I just wish that cheeto would go away already.


February was when the dream-boy and his dream-Mom visited us, and we still miss them like crazy, every single day. Plus they miraculously missed the insane snow.


In March we reminisced about our Field Trip to Boston. Sigh. St. Patrick's Day happened, too. I think the reason we go so nuts about it around these parts is because winter is so dang long and it is a light -- a weak, green-tinted light, but a light nonetheless -- at the end of the proverbial tunnel.


April brought us rocks. The best rocks in all the land. And they have changed our lives. Yes, flowers bloomed -- which seems impossible at this point in the winter -- but, man, those rocks.


Also May

Okay, I'm cheating -- I've got two May Highlights. But apparently I am focusing on peeps this year instead of nature -- unlike other years -- and just look at the peoples May brought to us! Beth to Boston! And Mom's book club to New London! I mean, come on!


June brought us Miles for Meemer, one of the best, most heartfelt days of the year. And also one of the funnest days on our bikes . . .

. . . but wait, did someone say BEST DAY OF THE YEAR??

Also June

Yes. Yes, they did.


In July we turned two. Princess Millie! In July we also focused on flowers and the beach and a lookback at the parentals.

Man, July. July seems one million miles away. I miss July.


In August the Brits came to visit, and did we ever have ourselves a Time. I'm starting to feel slightly resentful of all this summertime fun. When is it going to be summertime again?


September? Well, September is all about Me. Moi. The Birthday Girl. Me Myself and I. And possibly the best photo ever taken of me.


As if Angela and Dave's glorious, delightful wedding wasn't a big enough highlight of a glorious, delightful month . . .

Also October

. . . Mistah and I celebrated our Silver. And yes, we do rock.


In November, the Johnsons, from Newbrey came to visit . . .


. . . and in December, we sent our dear old Auntie Lillian off in dramatic, moving, lovely and perfect style. And got to share a beautiful house on a bay-not-a-lake with my Mom and all my sisters. That doesn't happen very often . . .

 Rest in Peace, Aunt Lill.

Happy 2018, everybody. Let's get out there and do this thing.

Thursday, January 4, 2018


I figured I’d miss the pick up day when we were back east for Thanksgiving, but I honestly couldn’t be bothered to make arrangements for someone to roll the bins out to the curb on trash night, even though it was the biweekly full haul day with trash, recycling, and yard waste scheduled for pick up. Sure, the blue recycling bin was pretty full. It always is, being assigned to the happy yellow house of earth loving consumers, one of whom produces perhaps a slightly higher per capita ratio of bottles to bodies.  It was pretty full, but I was still able to dump the kitchen receptacle as needed, and being gone a week reduced our production of said bottles, as well as the empty boxes, containers and paper that were just starting to multiply in those weeks leading up to Christmas. I clearly didn’t give it much thought. We returned home on the in between week, when only trash is collected. The blue bin became very full over that next week, and by the time we reached Sunday night, when we were due to roll the bins out for collection at the crack of Monday’s ass, we had reached overflow status.

And yet

When I heard the telltale sounds of an approaching trash truck on Monday morning, I literally leapt out of my warm bed and literally ran through my house and literally screamed every curse word I know and literally prayed for the dudes to see me come barreling out in boxers and my ADIOS PANTALONES tank top that’s a little too big, trying so desperately to get that blue bin down to the curb before the truck passed me by.

And yet

I had no choice but to roll that fucker back up to the side yard for another two weeks. The two weeks that straddle Christmas. We were all off of school and work, and home consuming. I hosted my work party. Santa Claus came. I hosted Christmas dinner. I set up several empty boxes in the garage to catch the surplus. I talked to my neighbor about putting some stuff in her bin, which was already half full before Christmas.

It was a bugaboo.

New Year’s Day pushed this week’s collection back to Tuesday, and I was bound and determined to get that recycling out of my life. Christmas had been undone in the house, because our yard waste collection does indeed include Christmas trees so even that sucker was hauled out to sit by the bins.

Late on Monday night, I crept up and down the block depositing recyclables into unknown neighbors’ bins like some sort of rogue vigilante hero. I went to bed smug and snug in the assurance that the balance of nature would be restored. I heard the trucks start their rounds, and curled up under the covers. Hola, Pantalones.  At a reasonable hour, I went outside to bring in the bounty of empty bins and put this tragic chapter fully behind me.

And yet

There on the curb, a Christmas tree.


Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year Morn

Happy New Year, my peoples!

I hope 2018 brings you peace and joy and health and good books read and resolutions firmly kept and delicious meals enjoyed and warm sunny days in which to luxuriously bask.

Now get out there and pop some bubbly . . .

. . . and dive into the new year.