Friday, June 15, 2018

asheville outtakes

I think I did this after Julie's wedding, too. Who needs perfectly polished professional level photos when you've got self indulgent weirdness happening right there in your own phone? 

Here are my faves from the hodge podge:

First gathering! Thursday evening happy hour on the deck of mom's yurt*. My own yurt is visible right next door, upstairs (sorry, Jane)

Yurt village

We traversed over river and dale to the pool

Please zoom. My neighbor on the other side of mom is naked in this photo. 

There's my girl on my deck as seen from Ellie's deck!

I don't know what is happening here, but I like it. 

It's cold now. 

What time is the safari? 

The 17 year olds, our babies. 

The Big Day! All dolled up and pouring a toast on Ellie's deck before heading to the venue

I got to visit the bridal suite!

Love my pinky twin and the world's best MOB

My faves

Love this one. Look at Erin eyeballing me


Mom and  Julie watching Erin give her toast

Post toast sister huggies

and finally, this. blurry, silly, confusing, and perfect. 

Monday, June 11, 2018

Before and After

Before this?

There was this:

 Oh, how lovely my lovelies are.

And after this:

After these lovelies tied the proverbial knot . . .

There were these lovelies. Okay, technically, we are Befores, because we came before the B&G, but you get what I mean. Plus, gaze upon my sisters. Aren't they lovely? Aren't there a lot of them? But I'm the only one with a spotlight upon my person . . .

But if you think that we are cool -- and, well, even if you don't . . .

. . . we have Emilie Super Hero. She really is. Both an Emilie and a Super Hero.

And look. More Befores. I love Befores.

I miss these peoples . . .

. . . and these peoples . . .

. . . and these peoples . . .

. . . and these peoples . . . Wait, no. They're strangers. I don't miss them.

But I definitely miss these Befores . . .

. . . and certainly these Afters.

I texted these lovelies a couple of days later:

"I love you N&Ns of mine and I miss you like crazy. Thanks for a great weekend. You are my favorite poopheads in all the world."

And they all texted back. All of them. They are the best batch of poopheads ever invented.

I don't know if I can express the love of the niecie-poo and nephew thing. All I can say is, I finally get why *my* aunties were always so happy to see me and acted as if I was something special when I was just a middle child of a middle child of a million zillion cousins. They love me. They always just stinkin' have. And I carry on the tradition proudly.

And these niecie-poos of mine? Ye gods. I mean, come ON! Here are three quarters of them (the bride was otherwise engaged):

After . . . 

. . . and Before.

Yeah, they're pretty easy to love.

Chrissie Pants! Or, more accurately, Chrissie-Split-Trousers. He's easy to love, too.

But, finally, ultimately, it came down to these two children. They are why all the peoples from all the lands all traveled to one tiny spot on the planet to be together for days to celebrate all the things that we are and that we hope to be and what we strive to achieve. Colleenie said to me on Sunday morning, about all the events: "Everybody said yes to everything!" 100% attendance, baby.

We blame it all on you, Colleen.

And your lovely husband. So now it's your turn. Get out there . . .

. . . and show us how it's done.

Monday, June 4, 2018

The Most Beautiful Bride In All The Land

Our girl is married.

One minute I was there in the room when she came out of Julie and into the world . . .

. . . and the next minute?


All married up.

To the lovely and upstanding -- and outstanding -- Brenton. We all adore Colleen and marvel that we have the best niecie-poo in All The Land . . . so we were delighted to discover that Brenton's peeps think *he* is the loveliest groom in All The Land. So we decided to call it even and agree to agree and call them both the best in All The . . . . well, you get the idea.

And in the meantime?

During the weekend we had some serious sistahlove moments . . .

. . . and the Grammy of the Bride -- that's the GOB to you -- was incredible and awesome and fabulous throughout . . . Rock Star status, in fact.

The mother of our bride was an incredible, organized, efficient, beautiful vision of loveliness and gettin' 'er done all weekend, and she and JK were incredibly generous and hospitable and beautiful with themselves and their home and their time and their town and their love.

. . . and Colleenie's cousins?

. . . off the charts. I like those children of my peoples.

And Brenton called me Auntie Ellie yesterday so all of the everything is perfect and wonderful. Just like that wedding. Perfect and wonderful.

It's going to take some time to process it all and think about it all and decompose from it all, but this photo? Captures the day and the weekend . . .

. . . as does this . . .

. . . as does this.

Colleen and Brenton said it best during their vows -- they're in. They'll love eachother. They'll be there for eachother. They'll fight for eachother.

And the rest of us will be there to applaud them every step of the way.

We love you two.

 Happy Day.

Happy Everything.

And thank you.

It was perfect.