Thursday, November 6, 2008


Now that all of that is finally decided, let's get back to important current events.

On the way to school, my girl said “Let’s play Spud!” and my boy responded, “we’re always playing spud!” There is no moment in life when spud is not being played. Just call it!

From the way-back of the station wagon, I do not recall having remarkable prowess at Spud. But from the driver’s seat? I kick butt.

Now, don’t get all up in my face, people. You with your ‘slug bug’ and your puritanical views of the new VW. A spud is a spud is a spud.

I can spot ‘em like nobody’s business. I called 3 on the way to school this morning, including a Nolen mouse-mobile AND– I shit you not – a Spud McDougal McMod. My girl always says she saw it first, but I’ve tested her and it’s clear that she’s lying. She says that Spuds look like they have chubby butt cheeks, which redeems her in some way. PT Cruisers also have chubby butt cheeks, so we’ve added them to our call-it repertoire. We call them peachy cruisers. They don’t really count, but it’s fun to say. We call mini-coopers, too. I’d like to have one of those, just for kicks and giggles.

You know how to play, right? Spud McDougal is red. Spud McMod has any type of customization, most commonly manifested in the form of a convertible top. Beth had a white McMod. My husband had a hand-me-down yellow Spud with no back seat and a big red smile painted on the back – technically McMod, but it’s a stretch.

It’s terribly distracting while driving. I can’t help but call them even when I’m alone in the car. I sometimes feel sorry for the kids, because I’m not one of those nice moms who waits half a second so they’ll have a chance at getting one. They’re mine, suckahs. The kids have the upper hand with parking lot situations and traffic on other streets in other directions, so it’s all fair game.

It should go without saying that we also call Westies. I’m not sure if Ellie has mentioned it, but she and her husband actually own a VW Westphalia, affectionately referred to as the Westie. When you spot a good looking Westie, you say: “That’s a nice one.” That goes for Spuds as well.

The other day my girl and I left the house, and we called home 30 seconds later and bellowed into my husband’s ear: “Tell the boy there’s an old McDougal on our street!” He said “huh?” and my girl screamed: “JUST TELL HIM!” He reported later that upon hearing the news, my boy dropped everything and took off down the street on his bike. And that? That’s how (and why) to play the game.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I love it, but I have to admit I always thought McDougal was spelled McDoogal. Or maybe McDoogle? Spuds are WAY less common on the Least - I mean East - Coast than they are on the Best - I mean West - Coast. Julie and her kids call *NEW* VW Beetles "spuds" which is simply wrong.

Poor Mistah cannot remember the difference between a McDoogal and a McMod. And he calls himself a VW owner.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Ah, Jacquie, how you've made me miss my "1979 Volkswagen Super Beetle Cabriolet" (I just had to take a look at it on the first spud link you provided. Such a good looking spud! Or, as you'all say, "That's a nice one.")

I had no idea, however, that it was referred to (by your family, anyway) as a "McMod."

Why did I ever get rid of that McMod anyway? Just think how much fun it would be for the three of you if I still had it; you'd be fighting each other to get the frist glimpse of it every time you came over. Now that would be entertaining!


NucMEd is Hot said...

We play bingo. Any yellow car. This usually lasts about 25 seconds before they start fighting and screaming and I have to call it off. This sounds vary similar.

Unknown said...

Yeah, we try to keep that stuff off the roads over here on the right coast ;) We have to play pediddle.

martyjoco said...

My son played a game called "punch-buggy." (I couldn't remember the details, so I called him to ask, and he closed the call with, "I love it when you call me for inscrutable reasons.") The game is simple - whomever spots the VW first punches the person next to them in the upper arm, while saying, "punch-buggy [color]." He learned this on his schoolbus in about 1980, so of course they were old bugs, as the new ones hadn't been invented yet. Just an institutionalized excuse for random punching, if you ask me!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Ellie, new spuds do SO count, silly. The game would be no fun at all without them. They still have chubby butt cheeks.

Beth, I can't believe you did not think of my future children when you sold that car. Honestly, some people are so selfish.

Love the bingo game - might drive me batty though. What, pray tell, is pediddle? Sounds like something one might do in one's pants.

and Martyjoco, I believe your son's game is AKA slugbug. Such brutality! I could never sanction such behavior, we stick to purely verbal abuse while driving.


Anonymous said...

What's "pediddle"?!? Calling first sighting of a one-eyed (i.e one headlight on, one off) car.

This blog cracks me up.