Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Last month when two of my sisters were recovering from major surgeries, Beth said to me: “I hope this isn’t one of those times when bad things happen in threes.” She said this to me from her hospital bed, so I laughed and told her that I thought SHE was my number three. But I think that because she did not require major invasive surgery, it didn’t count.

So now I’m wondering, does it have to be a family member of the human variety to count as my number three? Does it have to be covered by insurance? We've got another contender.

This one will be major

This one will be expensive

This particular surgical experience was such a treat that Aunt Charlotte did it twice!

We’re hoping once will be enough.

We recently learned that a member of our family is going to need a Total Hip Replacement.

(fyi, this is not the: "woe is me, my hip is trying to shove itself up my asshole" face. This is the: "woe is me, they are going to make me sleep on my outside bed all day when I'd prefer to sleep on my inside bed all day" face)

I don’t even know what to say about it. It’s easy to think that we should not have brought home a puppy without knowing what horrors might be lurking in her genes; easy to say that this is ridiculous, it’s too much money, too tough a recovery, too much a toll on all of us…especially her.

So if that is what you feel you must say, please just don’t. I know.

If she belonged to someone else, she would probably just live in pain, most likely hobbled by the ripe old age of two. Or she would be put down because of the cost. But she’s ours, and we’re going to fix her. Turns out we want her more than we want that trip to Hawaii. We've been saving our tax return for that, and I almost booked the trip last week – wonder what stopped me. My cosmic waitress? I have just about had it with that bitch.

We are lucky that we got a tax return. We are lucky that we live in a brokedown palace, and we're not house poor. We are lucky that the worst of this will coincide with the portion of summer when Bill is on break but the kids are still in school. In the long run, it simply is what it is. What point is there in lamenting the facts when they are staring us in the face?

Sorry for the crappy image, I don't actually have a wall-mounted light box.

Does anyone want to guess what in hell that is about to finish its journey through her digestive tract? The vet said at first she thought it was a bullet, but we think it’s more likely the wiggly eyes that have gone missing from my girl’s beanie baby.

Oh, the things those eyes have seen.

ps: Happy Birthday, Beth!


Pickles and Dimes said...

I would put myself into severe debt to fix one of my animals, I just would. They're family to me.

I hope everything goes well with the surgery. And I definitely think this should count as your third bad-luck item.

I'm sorry you won't get to go to Hawaii, but I'm happy that your puppy will get to live a longer life because of your choice.

And I'm curious to know exactly WHAT is in her digestive tract. :)

Anonymous said...

The happiness that Hawaii brings you is shot to hell within the first few days of returning home. The happiness that a dog brings last not only its lifetime, but far beyond that. You are definitely making the right decision.


Tommy, Gunny, Tank and Emma

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh, Jacquie. Really? Poor little Mokie-pie. And poor you guys. That puppy-dog is lucky to have such a fam-bily as yours.

There's a cottage industry revolving around what that doggie injests and ultimately poops out, is there not? Please keep us in the know on this one. And if they are in fact toy eyeballs, please do not put them back on your girl's beanie baby.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Happy Birthday, Beth!!!


Hsin-Yi said...

I'm the same way about my dog. She goes to the vet on schedule every year. As she gets older - she has more trips and more tests. I've spent plenty of money on her, but it's worth it. To me, it's part of the responsibility of having a dog (and I'd feel too guilty if I didn't). I love my pooch and she's worth every penny.

Now if I can just get myself to a doctor once in a while...

Me, You, or Ellie said...

oh, moki, poor girl. You are of course worth it! And I hope your recovery is not too hard. You can watch the pads with bill.

Thanks for the birthday wishes, I'll be spending it here at ucsd! Giving moki a run for her $ in the drama department.

Nancy said...

Surgery? On a "dog"? All that MONEY?


HAIL YEAH, hands down, not even a question!!!

I don't even want to say how much I spent 2 years ago on my dogs leg! 'Cuz it just doesn't matter =)

Keep us posted and indeed, lets us "see" ahem, what puppy poops out!

Happy Birthday Beth !!

a displaced city girl who loves her country vet said...

Moki and Beth handed you a tie so you can out the "3's" to rest.

There must be a farm vet somewhere in San Diego that you need to visit in the near future.
We accidentally came across one many moons ago when our beloved Howard (who went to heaven last August after 15 years with us)got in a fight with a porcupine while camping on a Sunday. After several phone calls to closed places, someone sent us to Four Springs Veterinary on a back country road. One surgery later, which included being put under, quills removed, antibiotic shot and pills to go home, I handed my husband the checkbook and tried to block out thoughts of how we would cover the mortgage. drum roll please...$60!! Dumb/sweet dog did the same thing 5 years later. Drum roll...$67 (she gave him an extra booster shot). My husband has since tried to convince me that our children would be just as well cared for at the Vet clinic, but I have not made the switch.

My point can sometimes have your hip replacement and your Hawaii, it just depends on your vet's overhead.
Good luck to you both :-)

xup said...

Ah well, Hawaii will still be there next year. Personally though I think it`s criminal what vets are allowed to charge for stuff

julie said...

"frought with complication"

the words of Danger. I'll call you.

Kathi D said...

I won't say anything except that we would do the same thing. And that I hope for the best for all of you, and that you are Good People.

Lola said...

Oh, I know all about it, girl. We've spent more money on vet bills than I'll ever admit to, and I don't regret any of it.

After the last $5,000 bill, however, we got pet insurance on all of the little buggers, and I have to say it's been worth every cent so far.

Good luck, and I think that qualifies as your three. We got our three last weekend, too ;(

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Thanks for the reassuring words, everyone! After Julie's comment with "danger"'s feedback (danger is a vet), I went in for the consult today armed with doubt and indecision. The Dr was great and echoed reluctance to perform the surgery at this point. Because Moki is so young and doing well, we should manage her pain and help her live with this disability until it becomes too debilitating, at which point we will probably have to go ahead with the hip replacement.

Relief? most definitely

Hawaii? maybe....