Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm Dreaming . . .

I am not dreaming of a White Christmas.

I'm dreaming of a Christmas filled with palm trees and bougainvillea and sand and water. Sort of a green-and-pink-and-beige-and-blue Christmas.

A friend of mine and I were talking the other day and he insisted Christmas isn't Christmas unless it's cold and snowing, and that Christmas lights look silly on palm trees.

I couldn't disagree more.

Some of my favorite Christmases ever were spent in the Florida Keys and the U.S. Virgin Islands and good ol' San Diego. Which is no surprise, really. I'm not a big fan of Christmas, but I'm a huge fan of warm sunny places.

Plus Christmas lights look awesome on palm trees.

There's a reason they call it dreaming, though. This Christmas, I'll be gazing upon snow on pine trees, not lights on palm trees . . .

. . . but we'll be celebrating Christmas amid those snow-covered pines with my entire family -- well, my entire family with one glaring, gaping exception.

My sister Jane and brother-in-law Doug are graciously -- and bravely -- hosting all of us -- all 19! -- in their home.

So although we won't be in the Florida Keys or St. John or San Diego, we'll take advantage of strength in numbers, and get through this first Christmas without Dad together.

And hey. I can always dream . . .


Pat said...

If it makes you feel any better--it was 29 in Tampa this morning...

Of course, it will be 73 on Saturday--come on down!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Pat -

Yes please.

- Ellie

Brrrr in Central PA said...

I'm dreaming right here with you!

Ahh...love the pictures as I sit in front of my wood stove with the real feel of -3 outside!

As a kid, we used to drive to Pompano Beach Fl to spend some Christmases with my Nonnie. I just loved swimming in the ocean on Christmas Eve knowing it was cold and snowing at home. BUT, if I'm not going to be somewhere sunny, then it certainly should be a WHITE Christmas.

Pat said...

East Pa:
I didn't know you had a Nonnie--I'm a Nonnie too.

You are both welcome, in fact you can have the place to yourselves. I'll be in San Diego with your fellow blogger.

Lisa S said...

Grass (er, palm tree) is always greener...I get to go to Florida but you get 5 sisters to spend the holiday with!

Hsin-Yi said...

I, too, will be in FL for Christmas. I think it will be great for my family, but I'd rather be hosting it home. I don't even think my folks have a tree...

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Chicogo will be awesome! All those Corey women together in one place? Who cares if it's -10 outside.

It's gonna be great.

That said, I won't be upset if we get another heat wave come December 24th.

THAT said, there is something magical about a snowy Christmas.


still Brrrr in Central PA said...

Beth: you should have told your mom that she shares her "Nonnie" status with one of the greatest!

Nonnies are the BEST...and I'm not just saying that so I'll be invited down for the PSU/FL Bowl game :)

PS Where's the house key?

Mom C said...

I love this Ellie wasn't that Christmas on St. John one of the best ever.... love mom

Pat said...

Hey Central Pa:
I'll be home long before then...come on down!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

How purdy! The nice thing about freezing your ass off at christmas time is that people won't yell at you whenever you talk about how nice it is outside :)

Love the photos


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Jacquie, I would never yell at you for saying how nice San Diego is. I remember those years we were there, and we'd read emails from home about the cold weather, and sort of shake our heads at the idiocy of northeasterners. I'm just proud to be related to one with such clearly superior intelligence, now that I'm an idiotic northeasterner myself.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I was telling my girl about the weather forecast for Chicago and she was silent (!) for a minute, then asked: "Why do they live there?



Cold and Stupid for living in Central PA said...

Looks like your daughter has inherited the "smart weather" gene.
Too cute!
Something tells me that Jacquie was refering to me when she mentioned people bitching about her weather posts :)
I guess I have to get a job so I can retire to a sunny and warm place!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

I love your little, earnest San Diego girl. "Why do they live there?" That's a good mantra for anyone who doesn't live in the Florida Keys or St. John.

Or San Diego.