Saturday, December 11, 2010

weekend 3-way photo project

In preparation for this weekend's photo sharing project, I told my lovely co-bloggers that my photo was of a moment that I just wanted to hold onto. I asked them to work with that, and for the first time, I asked that they caption their photos.

Before I saw Ellie and Beth's submissions, I worried that I should have asked for stories instead of captions, because if we're trying to hold onto a moment, we probably need an accompanying narrative.

Or maybe not... I know these women, maybe I can tell their stories!

But first, mine:

There was a day last week that was so chock full of obligations related to my kids and their school that I opted to just spend the day there rather than make a lame attempt to pop in and out of work for random appearances. It was busy, busy, busy, but at one point we found ourselves with a window of close to two hours in which to occupy ourselves. I had picked up some lunch for us to share at Costco, sushi for me and my boy to share and a chicken bake for my girl . We went to the lovely Balboa Park to enjoy the afternoon. When we were ready to enjoy our spicy salmon and tuna rolls, we were chagrined to find that there were no chopsticks in the package. Lame. I'm not against using my fingers to eat sushi rolls, but my boy was... well, dirty. I dug into my purse and came out with a set of chopsticks I had swiped from a great spot in MB's neighborhood that night of our late dinner after the Beatles show! I was so pleased. After we scarfed, the kids ran off (can you can spot them way over there in their signature santa hats?) and I had one of those moments where I sat back and acknowledged the fact that it was a good moment. So I took a photo.

Here's Ellie's moment:

Ellie loved hosting Thanksgiving, it was her first time and she is the epitome of a hostess with the mostess. In this case, the mostess tableware. There was much discussion in the weeks leading up to the big day about whether or not there were enough place settings for all who would grace Ellie's table, and this photo is evidence that my big sister had a glass for every mouth. A matching glass, no less! This photo is an illustration of the domestic side of our nomadic little friend Ellie, and I can just see her gazing with pleasure upon that table full of sparkly clean glasses, ready to go back into their little canvas cubbies or cabinet space. Who knows what their future holds? Will they be relegated to Mumsie's basement for another travel spell, or will they now stay in easy access for the entertaining that inevitably comes up? It's a loaded moment (pun not intended, but certainly appreciated).

And here is Beth's:

Pre-birthday cake

Happy birthday, Tommy! I wonder if the five candles signify anything.... like the number of members in he and Beth's melded family. Maybe the birthday celebration was held early to accommodate dual household girls and ensure that these five had a good chance to acknowledge the moment together. I hope the cake was delicious and the moment memorable. And I just have to ask, God help me, is that coconut? (gag)

Thanks for sharing your moments, mah dahlinks! Have a great weekend.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

And thank you for giving us much-needed stories, Jacquie. Well done, and happy weekend your bad self.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Actually it was my birthday cake, and YES, of course -- coconut! I'm such a lame photographer that I don't have a photo of T's cake. Well to be more accurate, there was no cake for T's bday.

Poor baby.

Wish I had some of your sushi right now........