Tuesday, December 21, 2010

checking it twice

I've been sitting here for a good 10 minutes trying to think of a clever way to introduce my kids' Christmas lists. I don't think they made lists last year, we were much too focused on packing for Hawaii. It was last year when we first started dropping hints that Santa often went light for kids who had great travel plans. Don't ask me to explain, it's magic! The year before that, though, in 2008, my boy presented an epic list that made blog history.

Go ahead, take a little remember, I'll wait:

My boy's 2008 Christmas list


This year, we've once again been quietly promoting a less is more attitude. Christmas is different this year. They feel it, too. We'll also be away from home on the day itself, which presents the perfect opportunity to create new traditions that overshadow the logistical challenges facing poor Santa. Don't even start with me about Santa. I will hold my ground as long as there is breath in my body.

Despite the understanding that we're keeping it modest, I encouraged my kids to make their lists as usual, ignoring their attempts at conspiratorial winks and knowing glances. "Ask Santa for whatever you want," I insist, "just don't expect to get it."            

New traditions, perhaps... right alongside the legacy of awesomeness:


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh my word in heaven above, Jacquie. These are awesome.

I love your girl's but aren't you supposed to make your list for Santa, um, neat? I hope despite the economy and travel plans Santa can find it in his heart to get her bedding without holes. And at least she doesn't need pants and shorts.

And your boy's. I can just hear his voice. Pie!. Natch. And I love his qualifications: new um, deoderent, giant candy cane, huge stuffed animal and, my favorite, fake mustaches.



Pickles and Dimes said...

Oh, man. These are hilarious. My favorites are "new bedding - without holes" and "new deodorant."

What kind of household are you running there? ;)

My mom still has our old letters to Santa, and my brother and I re-read them every year. So fun.

Mom c said...

Hey Jacquie, maybe you still have Uffie's bedding in the garage - I don't think it has any holes, lol. These are priceless - see you day after tomorrow!!! love mom

MB said...

Hysterical, Jacq! Your boy & his pie cracks me up. See you SO soon xoxo

will check my list again in PA said...

Thank-you for the belly laugh on a day that started with tears...

Get that girl some non-holed bedding, would 'ya! The shappy chic holed stuff is so last year!

Phone with free year?!?...sounds like a boy who's parents have been explaining there is more cost to a phone than what the commericials tell you (I live with a similar child who hears a similar lecture that goes with the "not until high school" response)

Should I send PIE or deodorant...how bad does he smell, 'cause he looks like he could add a few lbs to that frame of his :)

Too, too funny! Please let us know what Santa ends up dragging down the chimney!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

I am amazed at your boy's consistancy. He wanted the nerf gun, giant candy cane and pie in 2008 as well. Please, please get have santa bring him the pie, Jacquie. You must.

And I know santa's going to come through with the fake mustaches. Right?

And although I have no earthly what "sushine clothes" are, they sound devine.

You're kids are a riot. I miss them. Though I'm sure Santa will not. He's amazing with all manner of complicated travel plans.


Bingspeak said...

That is one of the funniest blogs i've read in a long time. Priceless! I remember Cort asking me to pretend that I made the Subway sandwich we were having for dinner so her friends would think her mother cooked. The "bedding without holes, deoderent, fake mustache" are truly priceless!!! Youre a good mom, santa.

Logical Libby said...

Meg would agree on the pie... We just have to find her some "stocking size" pies.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome!

I love that he asked for P.I.E.!, deodorant and fake moustaches.

Christmas with your family certainly sounds like a good time! :)