Thursday, November 17, 2011

el camino

Alternate Title: the world's worst photos of the world's best bathroom

Alternate Title: great night, bad light

Alternate Title: use your imagination

Alternate Title:  love these beeyaches


Last weekend I had a really great night out with some of my very favorite people. It was a feel good, laugh out loud, turkey club sandwich at 3am, hoarse voice the next day kind of night. We went to dinner at an exceptionally cool place that just begged to be photographed. This place is positively teeming with possibilities for the perfect backdrop, and we were keen to comply. 

Here's a great shot of our table, which we strong armed into the cozy bar
Okay, okay. We'll try a flash

Autumn and Mary were in da house, and if you think that we didn't discuss their next guest blogging opportunity, you think wrong.

Beth and Desiree were there, smiling and gorgeous and resplendent

And I was there too, as was my girl Becky

The venue was just so good, how could we not jump up for a group shot?
We enlisted the bartender to take a shot. In retrospect, it should have been clear that he was both blind and drunk. And perhaps two tacos short of a combo plate.


The funny part is that we all looked at those photos, and we were certain that we had a slew of options from which to select our trademark facebook status update photo. We are awesome.

When we eventually decided to head out for our next stop, a couple of us needed to use the facilities so we all piled in to the ladies' room en masse.  And what a ladies' room it was! Am I right, ladies?

I loved that bathroom something fierce, as evidenced by my whipping out of flash photo tool.

Then I tried without the flash, and once again I was transfixed in the moment by the pure awesomeness of these really poor images

Now please take note - I am giving a wee tutorial on the use of my phone's camera to some unsuspecting girl who just wanted to have a wee.

Then we got busy arranging ourselves and bossing the stranger around to ensure that our photo was nothing short of genius   

And while we continued to strategize, the stranger casually snapped away

Capturing such random good moments

such easy fun

such good friends. This is a good one.. but you can't see the shoes!

That's more like it.
Great night. Great friends. Love to the infinity.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh my God what gorgeousness.

I love the red bathroom shots. I need a red bathroom! And I love your wee-ing new-found-friend's photography.

And the bartender? Although he was *not* such a great photographer, I really love that he was "both blind and drunk. And perhaps two tacos short of a combo plate."

Such loveliness, Jacqueline. Love your girls.


Mom C said...

Such a bevy of beauties... mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

I obvoiusly cut out way too early. So bummed I did not make the red bathroom series photographed by wee-ing new-found-friend!!

It really is a pretty spectacular bathroom. Love the whole el camino vibe. Love all those great women too.


Johanna said...

Love this place, just booked it for our Holiday Party. Great minds think alike! Happy Birthday Jacquie!!!

Lisa S said...

OK, I *have* had a few drinks but "two tacos short of a combo plate" is really cracking me up.