Monday, January 30, 2012


This past weekend was Hygienic XXXIII -- the 33rd installment of the world's coolest, funnest and most eclectic art show-and-music extravaganza.

It's hard to decide what the best art of the weekend is -- the six-hour Rock Fix Saturday night, the energy coursing through our little town, when everyone is walking around out and about having themselves a Time, MB and The Dowd up for the weekend, which is always pure delight, especially when The Dowd gets on a roll, which he did, our delightful pre-show dinner . . . or the Art Show.

You know the rules: one piece per artist, no judge, no jury, no fees and no censorship. Each artist hangs his or her own piece between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., and the show starts at 8 p.m.

That makes for one fun-loving Art Show, people.

Let's have a look at it, through the (relatively) sober eyes of Sunday, without the crowds, shall we?

Well, look who we have to greet us on this lovely afternoon. 
An air-guitar-playing Dowd. 

. . . and his lovely MB. Who is very pleased about her mint.

The inimitable Dorothy L. Hall's piece -- I believe not a year has gone by, in 33,  without an entry from our talented friend. Who I'm proud to say was fortified that night by my cooking.

The Whale Tail!

Panda in a Proud Shower.*
*my titles, not the artists'. But hey, they work.

Young Lads Frolicking.

New London is the Whaling City, but it's also the Lobster City.

A smattering.

A smattering with me and The Dowd.

My big sister and me.

Oh, what fun she is. Such a small person. Such big fun.

Found Objects (and a special artpiece for MB).

Either Stidfole or Einstein. Or both.

One of my faves: the Lip Stool.

In addition to a lot of rendering of male appendages (which I'll spare you), the Hygienic is always full of Ledgie Love:

Ledgie and Moonie.

Ledgie, um, adrift at sea.

Ledgie and the Orient Point Ferry and princesses and fairies and rainbows.

Wait, what's that one? That everyone seems so enamored of?

Aw, it's Ledgie in a Glass, by our own Mistah Schlekah.

I don't know. But I love the colors.

Oooh, cool.

It's all just so cool and awesome and so *much*.

Eve and MB.

One of my favorite nooks.

Summer canNOT be far behind.

Carlos' Rio Grande love.

Lots of male appendages, lots of Ledgies, and lots of lobsters.

After soaking in the art what do you think we did? 
I'll give you one guess.

That's right we got a drink. And this being the best January in history, we got to enjoy it outside.

Thanks for the best Hygienic ever, New London . . .

. . . we look ever so forward to seeing what XXXIV will bring.


Springer Kneeblood said...

I've missed it yet again! Looks like a spectacular event, yet again. Mistah's Ledgie in a Glass is quite nice. You may have said in a past post, but I don't recall: is the art all shown at the Hygienic or in galleries around and about?

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Fabulous!!!! Truly. The titles too.

I must go someday. Although, hmm, it's in January....

Really love so many of the pieces that you featured, including, of course, Mistah's -- love it. Love Eve and the Young Lads, and MB's special artpiece, and your stool, and that Rio Grande love(!). And it goes without saying, all you peeps as well. Such a jolly foursome.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

What a feast for the eyes! It's like our own private gallery opening, without the wine or the tunes or the great company. Sigh. Nice art, though! I like art.

xoxoxoxoxoxo miss you peeps


Me, You, or Ellie said...

It's all in that beautiful Hygienic Art building, Mr. Kneeblood.

A video from last year's tells it best:


Springer Kneeblood said...

I found videos from this year and the one from last year that gives the history of the event and the restaurant for which it's named. Fascinating stuff! I posted last year's video so I'll be able to show it to friends more easily. That's quite a town you've got there!