Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Since we've last seen each other...

it has come to my attention that:

1. My almost 3-year old  girl is funny. Two examples from yesterday: on the long drive home from Flagstaff she asked to play with my phone. I handed it to her, and while she was thwarted in her attempt to open an app  she exclaimed, "C'mon!" in a loud and disgusted tone of voice. Second, while getting into her jammies last night, she was not satisfied with the height to which I pulled her pants up. As she pulled them up as high as they would go, up past her navel (and I was just about to say she looked like a funny old man), she told me that she wanted to wear them in this fashion to be like a princess. I was about to correct her, when she looked at me and said, "Jasmine, Mommy!"  True dat.

2. It never fails that when you return home from a vacation you have the intense need to clean your house. Whether hotel or home stay, my house always feels in need of a good scrub down upon my arrival home. Other people's homes are on display when you are visiting, so probably look better than they normally do, and I tend to just make it out the door in time for my departure, so my house is left less than picked up, but still. It's depressing.

3. I am addicted to Pinterest.

4. Julie is coming to San Diego. This week!

5. Life as I know it is ending tomorrow. Last night was my funny girl's (see above) last night using a pacifier. The next few nights are going to be brutal. For everyone involved. See you on the other side.

6. Zip lines are not as scary as the look.

7. I could live in a city much smaller than this one and be quite happy.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Flag! I love Flag. And I love your almost-3-year-old princess. And I *love* my sister Julie and her kids and I hope you all have a fabulous time together. But not *too* fabulous because then I'll be jealous.


(zip line?)

Pat said...

Take a deep breath...after Julie...here I come!
Love, Mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Love that girl, can't wait til I get to see her every day!!



Central PA said...

glad the pacifier weaning will be done by the time I there...which is after your mom and Julie :) and please don't get me addicted to anymore time wasters. Facecrack is bad enough!