Monday, July 30, 2012

So Cal vibes

Yesterday was a momentous day. My mom arrived. For good. For ever. For permanent.

It feels weird, and not yet real, especially because she is staying in a hotel for a few days, until her house is vacated and termite tented. So, our first she-now-LIVES-in-San-Diego visit was at a hotel pool, with drinks, and a band playing.

It was very vacation-esque.

And very appropriately, it was the So Cal Vibes who were playing to welcome my mom to San Diego.

Of course these girls surrounded Nonnie with So Cal love as well.

But you'll never guess who ELSE was there to welcome Pat to San Diego.

 Yep, Mr. Can!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Mr. Can! What a nice surprise! What a lovely welcoming committee!

And I *Love* the shot of Pat and the girls.

Congrats Pat! What a fun new chapter of life you're embarking on!



Pat said...

Thanks Ellie and Beth. I am in pig many choices and I already met my mailman!
I get in the house to get a tape measure.
Love, Mom/Nonnie/Pat

Me, You, or Ellie said...

How grand! Welcome to San Diego, Pat!! And hi there husband, how nice to see you out there! Hope y'all had a great day



Ariel said...

Looking forward to visiting my dear friend and to seeing her peeps and friends, and am so happy for her to finally be close to her loves! As a fellow grandma I know how great that is!

Sue said...

We will miss having Pat on the eastern side of the country, but we know that her return to CA is wonderful. The pool photo says it all. HOORAY!!