Friday, July 20, 2012

Spider Web Camp

You are all in for a treat today, because even though I still haven't found the perfect pony for Jacquie, I did make it out to the Babbitt Ranches Annual Colt Sale again this year to take a good look at them, and I am able to present you with not only a few of my photos of the event, but also some really amazing photos by Chris Couture. Check out his Facebook page, Shot By Couture. He's got a ton of incredible, mostly western photos on display. (Oh, and some other Mistah-esqe lighting shots as well.)

The colt sale is held each year at Spider Web Camp.

It's easy to miss this sign north of Flagstaff, trust me. But once you make the turn and drive in a the mile or so, you're gonna see some gorgeous Hashknife horses. Let's take a look see.

First, the horses. I don't know if you've seen colts and phillies with their mamas, but let me assure you that they stay very, very, very close to them. Just proof that mommy magnetism is in full force in the horse.

Next, the people:

The ever important auctioneer
A paddock all decked out with the Arizona flag, as this year marks its 100th as a state.
I like to call this one Cinderella man, even though it doesn't quite make sense.
That's what friends are for.
This shot is timeless, no? Is it 1965, 1940, or 2012?

Yee-ouch. Branding hurts. Doesn't this shot not say it all?

Itty-bitty cowboy

Itty-bitty cowboy with an Arizona-flag bandana, even.

Itty-bitty cowgirl.
Hey, wait I know her, she's no cowgirl. But city-slicker or not, what girl doesn't want a pony?
Okay, is their hair the same color, or what? And why can we see so much of it? She needs a dang hat, a bare head is a dead give away that she is not a cowgirl.

Yep, all of this takes place out on the CO Bar Ranch on the second Saturday in July each year. Everyone is welcome. See you there?

 If you need more convincing, check out: to see an interesting video about Babbitt Ranches and the American Quarter Horses.


Pat said...

Maybe next year
Love, Mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Beautiful shots. Gorgeous.

I can't wait to see which pony Jacquie chooses!

And cowboy(gir) hat or no, your girl is to die for.



Frances said...

Hi. You took some really lovely photos here. I found them by chance. A few of them are of my husband and son. I was hoping you might be able to send me a copy?
Thank you,