Monday, July 16, 2012

Ocean City

We interrupt this summer to bring you back to spring, when we were on our way home from Chapel Hill, and stopped overnight at the Drawoh Snosnhoj, and found ourselves right on the Atlantic Ocean Boardwalk, in beautiful Ocean City, Maryland.

I love New London as much as anybody, but one thing we don't have within our city limits?

We don't have Open Ocean.

And I love the Open Ocean.

Open Ocean, Atlantic-style.

And not only that . . .

Ocean City also has a fabulous boardwalk that goes on for miles and miles . . .

. . . with sights and sounds and freakishness that is ever so delightful to the eyes of specific beholders.


What I love the best about these Atlantic ocean beach towns, though, is the miles and miles . . .

. . . and miles and miles of shore.

What a beautiful little city you are, Ocean City . . .

. . . you haven't seen the last of the likes of us yet.


Not when you go around looking like this.

See you next time, O.C. Thanks for the fun.


Ocean City girl in Central PA said...

Ocean City, MD's boardwalk was just ranked #3 in the country by some travel magazine...and your pictures belong on their visitor center's website!!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

That is lovely, lovely, lovely. I'm with you on the open ocean, sistah. You know where *else* one might find open ocean and miles of gorgeous shore?????



Beth said...

Oh, I think I know the answer to that one, Jacquie ;-)

Ellie, these photos do bring back so many Ocean City, MD memories. I got into all kinds of trouble in that town. The cement skyline is somewhat awful, but man was it fun to live down there as a young, young adult. Glad you all enjoyed it too.