Wednesday, August 29, 2012

party poopers

On a recent rock star adventure, I found myself surrounded by a few of my very favorite people in a dimly lit, gorgeous smelling hotel room that sounded like a babbling brook. It made me need to pee. 

There were so many interesting things to explore in that space, so I grabbed my camera and snapped a few photos to show you. Just remember the part about it being dim. That was not an exaggeration, and although we were a quad of smarty pants girls about the town, none of us could figure out how to work the lights.

So imagine yourself surrounded by seriously good smelling air, and imagine the sound of a babbling brook. Now go pee, then come back and look at my photos.

The little corner bar was a study in adorbs. Everything was wee and sweet and enticing.

In another corner there was another wee bar set up! Awwwwww!

If you got bored in this room, you could wish upon the handy kaleidoscope.

If you got thirsty in this room (and who wouldn't with all of that adorable liquor lying around?), you could enjoy a stella from your bag after chilling it on ice for 11 minutes. Approximately.

If you bring your dog to this room and your dog is hungry, you can order her up some chopped steak for $14!  plus a 25% service charge plus a 9% convenience charge plus tax and tip.

If you feel snacky in this room, you can choose from a wide selection of very mature snacks:

Or... um... you can look into what else they have got for you...
 intimacy kit -$12

How convenient!
And if the air in this room wasn't sweet smelling enough for your delicate lung-flowers, no need to worry:


24 plus breaths! for $18! That's less than a dollar a breath!!
At 10:00, every door in the joint was marked with one of these

I had to sign a "no party policy" at check in, and initial my understanding that we were strictly limited to two persons per bed.

Look at the person I got to have in my bed!

And in the other? Bona fide rock stars!
It was a weird hotel, but the beds were comfy even without party privileges. We had a great night and tons of laughs, and stopped by the pool for a little while before heading back to San Diego and our innocence. I took one more photo at the pool, not of the view or the peeps or the d.a.y., but of the signage in the loo of all places.

No party poopers.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Well, I think it's kind of unfair to get one all riled up with the wee Tangueray, and the $1 Oxygen, and the JimmyJane Get Lucky Intimacy kit with a *screw* on the label for pete's sake, and then be so mean and strict with the whole two-per-bed, one-per-loo rules.

You four look like you had oodles of fun despite the puritanical rules, though. And I *love* those low-rider beds.

Nicely done. But, man, it must be so *tiring* being such a rock-and-roll-superstar.

Love. Ellie

MB said...

Such hysterical signage and rules! Love your bedmate! xo

Beth said...

Please tell me you bought a cap.

And that you filled in that "What are you thinking right at this second?" coaster.

You rock stars fit right in at the W Hollywood. Although next time you'll remember to bring the dog, right?