Tuesday, August 13, 2013

central p......wait a minute

After careful scrutiny of my photos from the recent east coast trip, I picked Central Park to feature in today's installment of Uncle Merv's Big Adventure. So I highlighted the last section of photos from my camera, and copied them to a desktop folder for various and sundry rotation and croppings before their ultimate upload to the blog.

But looked what I accidentally popped in there up in front of the images from that last glorious respite of a morning:

Me and mah sisters!

Warms my heart and soul. I love these women something fierce, and I fiercely miss the other two, but am comforted by the knowledge that one of the missing will be righthereinthishouse in 2 more days. But it could be any four of the six of us in this picture, really, couldn't it? The heads are pretty much interchangeable now that we've officially killed off the blonde gene (sorry mom). This picture makes me smile. We own the long arm selfie.

I kinda just want to look at my sisters for today, central park isn't going anywhere


Beth said...

Love you Corey sisters! And hope to also see Julie this week or next. (And mom C too ;)


MB said...

Love the photo, Jacq! Both of them. Miss you - it's been great having your Mini-Me around! xo

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Miss you, Schnookie-pie. But yes, having your young friend around all week has been brill. She reminds me of a combo of you and young Colleen.

And now I get to miss both of you.

Have fun with the next round of peeps!


mom said...

love my girls.... xo mom