Friday, August 30, 2013

The New Freedom Trail

We didn't just drink beer and eat meals when we were in Boston, you know.

 No, the second day we drank wine and ate meals.

It's a great way to see a city, actually: walk a little, stop for a glasssa and an appetizer, walk a little more, stop again . . . you get the picture.

Thursday morning, after that marathon 15-inning baseball game Wednesday night, we walked for a long time, mostly because I was navigating and Boston turns me upside-down, but finally we came across this sign, on Newberry Street:

Glass of Wine with Savory Chef's Taste? For $5? 
Yes please.

It was just exactly what I wanted . . .

. . . and ol' cheffie did not disappoint.

Slices of quesadilla, cheeses, bread and arugula salad?


Oh look! Me walking ahead of Mistah again!

Later in the day Mistah found a book shop . . .

. . . and *I* found a bar across the street. I settled in with a book and a glass of wine . . .

. . . and had a great view of the proceedings across the street.

It really was a very nice book shop . . .

. . . and it really was a very nice bar.

And then, well, we continued walking . . .

I started to finally figure out that ding-dong town, wherein when one wants to eat more good food and drink more good wine . . .

. . . one goes to the North End.

Yum . . .

. . . and yum . . .

. . . and yum.

Oh look! Another restaurant!

With more salad!

And insanely decadent lobster ravioli for my friend Mistah . . .

. . . and fabulous mussels for me.

There are a *lot* of photos of me looking like this in Boston.

And then, just like that, there was no more time for wine or food.

There was a last selfie to take . . .

. . . and a station to get to . . .

. . . and a train to catch.

But fear not; all is not lost:

Bar Car, baby.


Pat said...

What fun! I spent a year there in grad school at BU but, alas, I am afraid our diet was mostly pizza and cheap beer. It is a marvelous city.?
Love, Pat

Pat said...

No question mark intended

Beth said...

Bar car!!!

Love all the pretty photos of you guys and your food and your wine. And that bookstore? Looks awesome. It would be a hard choice between bar with book and wine, and said bookstore (with no wine;). For me anyway.

Really, really want to get to Boston after your recent posts!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I want so much of all those things! You were not deprived on your vacay. And hmmm, who/where was that train taking you to?!

love summer