Friday, August 2, 2013

Less than amazing race

Last year I tried to talk my oldest into having a party that involved a limo ride from location to location, based on clues -- a sort of SD-style limo Amazing Race. She opted for the much more labor intensive beach party.


But my middle daughter did not forget the suggestion and informed me this year, that she would like the limo party. (That one is not dumb, let me assure you.)

Thankfully there was a timely groupon, so she got her wish. I was, as is unfortunately my new norm, unorganized when party time rolled around. Having just returned from an out-of-town vacation I had a day to pull it together.

I was pretty much ready when my girl and her party guests started arriving.

All but two of them.

This is a problem with a mobile party. If people don't show, you gotta leave them behind.

So our leaving crew was minimal:

But they busted right into the soda. And did not forget to toast the birthday girl.

First clue were bags of animal crackers and a subtle "brass ring" clue. In fact, an extra prize was offered for whomever successfully grabbed that brass ring.

Hint, this is the best animal on which to grab the brass ring.
Hi Johanna's girl!! You're so matchy-matchy with that pony! Pretty!!

Hi there, I-will-forget-everything-that-I-brought-with-me, and-cause-you-pain-and-suffering. (More on this later.)

Oh yeah! Ding, ding ding! She does it again.

Hey there limo -- we'll be right there. Stop two is coming up.

Cracker jacks lead us to this second stop -- the batting cages.
The two wayward guests met us here, and BONUS their dad is a softball coach - a good one. So the three girls who had never hit a ball before got individual instruction from him. Thanks, Sean!!

Please note, the lack of bag with XS

Coach Sean's girls, finally in the limo -- living it up with the birthday girl.

Next stop, fun and games at Tommy's house.

Not sure why my girl is doing some plank pose variation....

The final stop (Belmont Park, for a ride on the Big Dipper, which I had secured tickets for in advance because I knew it would be crowded) went less well than expected.   The girls all drank too much soda in the limo, so had to pee. The line was long. So was the ride for the Big Dipper. We had to change it up and switch to the much less popular Tilt-A-Whirl, and we were still past our deadline.

The limo driver was not impressed with me or the girls. Granted, they were loud and annoying and we hit traffic everywhere. Plus my itinerary was a bit ambitious for the time allotted. Consequently at drop off at Belmont Park he gave us a stern, 15 minute warning.

When that time came and went, and we were finally done with the Tilt-a-Whirl, my last instructions to the girls were, "The last prize goes to the girl who can run back to the limo fastest without getting hit by a car!"

The winner almost got hit, but didn't! (Of course, had she got hit she would have been disqualified and the prize would have gone to the next girl. Unless it was the one carrying her pink checkered shirt below. She does not deserve any prizes.)

Parting shot, with limo driver pursing his lips because we were (even more) over time. (Sorry, dude. But you were less than impressive -- neither young, cute, or funny, which was my pre-party hope.)

Overall the party was a success. The birthday girl had fun, and I think her friends did too. I survived, although not unscathed.

Girl with checkered pink shirt and bag asked me to grab said bag from her right before the carousel ride started. I moved quick to go get it, missed the damn step, and this was the result!

A rip in my second favorite pair of jeans.

And a skinned knee, which is now a big bruise.
Ol' pink-checkered also managed to leave her bag at the batting cages, forcing a double back to the batting cages, as well as to misplace her pink-checkered shirt, which entailed a chat with her dad about how I could call the limo company and get his address, blah, blah, blah. It was sitting on the porch outside the whole time - god bless her forgetful self!

Man, I can hardly wait until next year's party....


Pat said...

What fun! Almost worth a pair of jeans and a boo boo on your knee. Lucky Merrell.
Love, Mom's Mom

Amazing Race fan in Central PA said...

I think this is the way to go...ask me sometime about the Amazing Race party I did that actually involved asking neighbors to hand out clues and kids running thru the streets and why the real show sometimes puts the clues in plastic bags so they don't fall apart in damp sand.
I think I'll go your route with child #3.
Happy Birthday, Merrell!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

They're all so adorable, even if they do cause you suffering and woe.

What is *up* with checkered-shirt girl though? Perhaps next year you can "forget* to send her an invite.....

Very impressive, Beth. I bet pizza and bowling might be a little less exhausting though.

Well done!

Unknown said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun! I can imagine how excited your daughter was during the party. Who would’ve thought that a limo ride/party can be a perfect birthday treat for your little one? The idea itself is quite very sweet and could definitely make someone’s day. Thanks for sharing!

Evan Blake @ Antique Limo of Indy