Thursday, August 21, 2014

5 semi-interesting things

You know the drill, none of these five tidbits are interesting enough to warrant their own blog post, and although that certainly hasn't stopped me in the past, I'm going to make today's post a hodge podge collection of unrelated yet mildly interesting (to me) topics.

1. The backyard

We started the project in late July, and the first phase is done. We have successfully hardscaped! I have photos of the process up to this point, it was hard work and we all feel very accomplished and proud. The thing is, when I look at the photos all I see is dead beige. See for yourself

Beige. Dead.
It's because we decided to use planters and raised beds, and we're going to put a shade canopy and furniture in the middle. But still.  I mean seriously, the before picture looks slightly more alive

We've put some giant celery green pots over on this side and now it looks better, but I couldn't take the photos today because I didn't want to pick up the dog poop.

I believe in full disclosure. Mostly.

Anyway. We've got a special visitor arriving next week so we are extra motivated to make our purchases and capitalize on end of summer clearance specials. It's going to be great! And then it will get it's own post. But for now, on to the next topic.

2.  Once

My girl and I had the most incredible experience at the theater recently. I was not allowed to take photos or this would probably qualify as worthy of an individual post. We went to see Once, have you seen it? Wait. I think this deserves it's own post. There's the ticket snafu, the rumors about what we could do before the show, the level of mistrust that my girl had for me, the seats, waiting to do the thing, doing the thing, and of course the show. Yes. Report back next week for full disclosure.

3. Del Mar

You know how I love me mah ponies. I've only been to the races twice so far this year, I need to squeeze in one more visit. Who wants to come? I've got free tickets.

4. People are weird at the beach 

exhibit a:

 exhibit b:

YES that is my shoulder and YES that is Beth's shoulder. NO that woman in black was not with us. Beth reached behind her and actually touched her foot! WHY ARE PEOPLE SO WEIRD AT THE BEACH??
 exhibit c:

5. Ice Bucket Challenge

Of course you know about this, everyone knows about this. It's funny, it's for a good cause, it's working, haters be hating. Challenges have been circling around my extended family, who has been touched more than once by ALS and I knew it would get to me eventually. I did not expect the challenge to come from my own child, the fruit of my very loins. But it did. I spared Beth since she's going out of town tomorrow, but other co-bloggers who shall remain nameless were not so lucky.

That is all.


Bree at Clarity Defined said...

Exhibit B: Is that also a couple salsa-ing right behind you????

People are weird.

mom said...

People are weird, also "so annoying"...great pic of your girl.. xoxxo mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

And I thought people were weird at Ocean Beach in New London . . . wait, people *are* weird at OB East. But San Diego has that certain special je ne sais quoi that is unrivaled......

Love your yard, love your ponies, love your recycling the ice bucket water -- you are a *good* California girl.