Friday, August 1, 2014

An Ocean Goddess

As everyone knows, I am an avid body surfer.


But then my Pacific Ocean niece came to visit and all bets were off.

It was freezing! Rhode Island! The Atlantic! But she made me go in anyway.

She can be very persuasive. . . .

. . . frankly, she's downright bossy.

But once she got me in . . .

. . . we had ourselves a Time.

We sometimes had to wait for waves. . .

. . . but when they arrived?

Oh, yeah baby.

We killed 'em.

Form, people. It's all about the form.

Gah, I love this kid.

Tell 'em, Ms. Boogsie.

We became so good, so in sync, we started to bodysurf as one.

And the best part? We watched as out of the waves . . .

. . . out of the surf . . .

. . . an Ocean Goddess was born.


Beth said...

Omg, that last photo is spectacular. Wonder girl!!

Love, love, love this post. These photos are epic, as it sounds as though the time you all spent together was too. (How nice to have a Mistah to capture it all for you.)

You and Ms Boogsie sure do know how to go with the flow ;)


jacquie said...

love these photos so much, we spent almost every waking minute in the pacific ocean this week, and she is now several shades darker but still every inch an ocean goddess. thanks for showing her such a great time!


Hsin-Yi said...

Fantastic post and pictures, as always. Makes me want to go body surfing right now. But that last picture? That's the *star*!

mom said...

What a week that was, I miss all of you all.. love, mom