Tuesday, August 5, 2014

flashback: when we still had our innoncence

I had an innocent plan to find and recycle an old post of mine from around this date back when the blog was a baby. I found one, alright. Now please excuse me for a minute, I think there's something in my eye:

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

a shout out to my peeps

I had this silly idea that I would be able to come up with a singular, concise way to summarize our trip to Connecticut without writing a whole “how I spent my summer vacation” composition (although I do have access to some very chic mini-composition books thanks to Mumsie). But there is just too much to tell and show and laugh about, I have to sort through all 300ish photos before I can narrow them down to sharable status.

In the meantime, it's 5 am in California and I'm up with my gigantic puppy, but before crawling back into my bed (my bed! complete with husband!), I just want to say a big thank you to our kind and gracious hosts and hostesses with the most and mostesses! We had a completely marvelous trip because of your kind and generous hospitality!

To Mom and Dad:

Thank you for the endless hours at the pool

For the abundant great food and drink

For taking your judging responsibilities just seriously enough:

For allowing us to experience the scandalous fun of an empty school in summer

And of course, for chopsticks:

can someone please tell me how to rotate a stinkin video?

To Ellie and Bill:

Thanks for sharing your great toys

and your great stairs

And your great showers

And your great westy

To Mary Beth and Mark:

Thanks for a night of big laughs

and dancing

Thanks for showing me the best side of Milford

And for losing with grace and dignity

You peeps have a way of making the fun even funner.
So much more to come....
But first, so much sleep
And detox.


Ellie said...
Aw! I love it Jacq! What a wonderful little taste of everything.

Welcome home!
Beth said...
Well, you obviously had a GREATtime. It makes me long for sisters.

Love the chopsticks video.
Ellie said...
The video is priceless, Jacquie. Love Dad's face and Jimmy's hair and his little proud expression at the end.
Madness said...
Looks like you had a great time .. why cant vacations last forevah!?!?
Jacquie said...
If vacations like these lasted forever, I'd weigh 400 pounds when my parents finally dropped me off at Betty Ford =)
Martyjoco said...
The video just made me cry. As Ellie says, priceless; wish I had had the sense and wherewithal to tape my dad doing EXACTLY the same routine with my son in about 1982. I'll just watch yours instead, it brings it back to me nearly as well as if was actually old RC and my little Abe. Love you guys.
Ellie said...
Aw. MartyJoCo was indeed just relaying her feelings about that video, with big fat tears in her big beautiful eyes, at the tavern just now. Quite a moment for your dad and you boy, Jacquie.
Leslie said...
Hilarious pic of the tidy whities. Who does that?
Mike-Chris said...
Looks like a great family reunion. Love the video - and the toys at Bill and Ellie's look over the top! :-)

P.S. Wellin, its nice to see that you haven't changed a bit!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Everybody is so little and our home is so bare! It's nice to see Da Dowd hasn't changed, at least.....

Your boy!! My Dad!! Gah, my heart. *Love* so much. Love that look on Dad's face. Love that you have that video!

xoxox all the day.

Beth said...

Ah, sigh.....

(have we really been writing this thing for THAT long? You wee ones are so, well, wee.

mom said...