Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Happy OB Holidays

Last Saturday night was the annual Ocean Beach Christmas Parade. A fun and festive deal around these parts. I've had me many a good time on parade night over the years. In fact, an OB Christmas Parade many, many years ago was the very first time that I ever met my beloved co-blogger, Jacquie!

This parade, unlike most parades, is at night - its official start time is 5:05 pm. Folks of all ages turn out to take a look see all bundled up in their Southern California winter wear (which mostly means Uggs). Most of the grownups bring a cup. The mood is celebratory.

This year my littlest elf was in the parade. And not walking with a soccer or softball team either. She was on a float proper. And got to throw candy! (Which we didn't know was forbidden! You now have to get out and hand candy to the littles, due to safety concerns. Somehow, though, she and her partner managed to throw all 400 pieces anyway. Oops.)

Hey, here she is on the wheel well pre-parade. Telling everyone what to do, no doubt.

And up front with her new friend, who apparently thinks he's going to drive.

This trio was in the truck bed, getting ready to sing some Christmasy Christmas tunes.

Clearly they're more ready now.

And there they go.

Another one for the books.


Pat said...

What fun and she is adorable!
Love Mom/Nonnie

Me, You, or Ellie said...

She *is* adorable. Little munchkin elf.

I love that parade, too. Remember Jacquie's littest, years and years ago, when she saw a camel walk by and called out, "Porgie!" The dog's name. Because, you know, four-legged creatures all look exactly alike . . .

Love that OB. Happy OB Hols!


Jacquie said...

Love this! Glad I finally got to see your adorable elf since I never did glimpse her during the parade when that float flew by and broke the sound barrier. So much fun! Took me a couple of days to recover, sheesh.

Happy OB Holidays!