Wednesday, December 21, 2016

This kid

I love all of my girls infinitely and equally, but this one sure is full of spunk. We end up hanging out together, the two of us, on the way to, and from, and in between getting her older sisters to their various athletic, social and other activities.

But we have fun. We we do lots of things. Like:


And climb.

And hug trees.

And even, you guessed it.....

fall on our asses.

But even after spending about half of her time on the ground during her inaugural trip to ice rink this weekend, she's still both thumbs up.


Jacquie said...

Um, when did she become a gigantic full grown girl? Ack!! She's a great kid, I'm looking forward to some quality time of my own with her and her sisters, and her mom of course! I plan/hope to spend most of that time upright, but we all know how that sometimes goes...


Me, You, or Ellie said...

She's a tween! Those legs! Those jeans! That smile, man. She's something else, that one.

Jacquie, are you talking about staying upright whilst skating? Or just, you know, living? Cuz yeah, good luck with that one.

Miss you San Diegans something fierce.


Jacquie said...

I have no plans to go skating, so make your own assumptions.


Pat said...

You gotta love that girl!
I won't be sorry when she outgrows the hat phase.
Love, Nonnie

mom c said...

She is adorable, as are you....
Happy Christmas week....
love, Mom C