Monday, December 26, 2016

The Eve and the Day

Oh, what a Day.

Not bad for a nonagenarian, right? Aunt Lill, not MB.
And before that?

Oh what an Eve.

It all started there, at our house, on The Eve, with lovely family . . .

. . . and lovely friends. Oh, the Eve was good.

 And our Tree? . . .

Well, yes. I know. Majestic. Watching over us.

And then . . .

The Day.

 The Stick.

The Presents.

And the Fun.

Let's sum up, shall we?

Love and Christmas and Aunt Lill and fabulousness and love and Mom and hospitality and Mumsie and family and freighbors and Love.

Thank you, my peeps.


Unknown said...


Kelly. said...

Lots of Love and Fun. Thank you for such a lovely time. Great people, great food, great presents. Wonderful!

Beth said...

Looks like a very merry merry!

Happy Boxing Day!


mom said...

It was a wonderful Christmas and my local daughters made my life so easy! one for the ages....
love, mom

Jacquie said...

love you all so deeply, looks like another stellar celebration. I'd expect nothing less!


MB said...

Love all the great photos of our awesome Christmas at Mom's! Miss you people already. xoxo