Friday, December 30, 2016

a little tree

There once was a pretty little Christmas tree in a pretty little yellow house

And the little tree was happy. 

The little tree was also cute and practical ... and portable

have tree, will travel
And then there was a pretty little tree in a pretty round house

Hello, Kitty!
And the little tree was happy.

Then the little, portable, happy tree moved to the beach! Who wouldn't love the beach?

We have a piper down! I repeat, the piper is down."
Meanwhile, back at the castle...

Construction was underway, with close supervision
Our village was a little smaller this year, but change is good!
looking promising, kids! And those jammies are winning
The final result was stunning, a triumph of architecture and confection

Let's see the other side, shall we?

why so glum?
2 minutes later....

Oh dear
Well, let's see how the tree made out

A pretty little tree in a pretty little room, fulfilling its Christmas destiny
And then the pretty little tree went on the move one last time (because I always change rooms. always.) and having fulfilled its destiny, the little tree lost its lustre, and its balance, and its gumption. 

but the little tree maintained its charm right up til the bitter end, when it was unceremoniously abandoned on a beachfront balcony
The End. 


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Wow, what an adventurous tale of an adventurous tree! The quintessential Quest story: our hero has a task to undertake, faces many hurdles and obstacles along the way, gets help from others but ultimately has to go it alone, finally finds success and fulfills its mission . . .

. . . and gets unceremoniously abandoned on a beachfront balcony at the end.


A ready-to-publish children's book. Complete with photos.


Beth said...

Unbelievably, that little tree had yet another home that wasn't captured in this post. Although I think it was ornament-less during its very brief tenure here in the cave. That tree definitely served its purpose.

The gingerbread house? Hmm, not so sure.

Way to navigate the change, J!


MB said...

Love the tree travels, and your gorgeous kids! And you!! Happy Merry. xo

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh yeah. Your kids, your gingerbread house. Those too.