Monday, April 23, 2018

Elbow Grease

In our continuing struggle to readify our lives for the warmth of the oncoming season -- man, it takes a lot to readify -- I finally found a window of opportunity to readify the deck.

It took a seriously long time to find the window.

I bought the weatherproofing stuff six weeks ago.

I hated to use a weekend to tackle a job like this, but the forecast for Saturday was high and dry and warm and windy and sunny so -- boom. Window open. Opportunity available.

Plus, I already had the stuff.

From six weeks ago.

Mistah helped me clear off the deck and I sanded and wiped and prepped and readied . . .

It's a glamorous job, deck readifying . . .

. . . and voilĂ . Awesome, right?

Yeah, no, me neither. I didn't think so either.

The wood is like dry skin. It needs moisturizer. Lots and and lots of moisturizer. I checked in with my friend the Mistah to confirm he'd be okay with *Sunday* having the deck be off-limits, too . . .

. . . and I had at it.

I mean, right?

Now we are Ready.

Bring it on.


JS said...

I cordially invite you to work your magic on a large deck in Arkansas. Judging from the look of your deck, you've got plenty of elbow grease. Nice job!

Unknown said...

nice work, soldier! Aren't those jobs so satisfying? especially because you get to enjoy and admire your work all summer!

Joan said...

“Readify “? Hmm... Can’t wait to use that on Words With Friends!
But really you are Amazing- it truly looks great!! And just in time for Mama Nature who seems to be FINALLY waking up and looking at the calendar!!!!
Hope to enjoy your deck soon!

mom said...

It looks beautiful Ellie, great job. and like Joan, I hope to enjoy it soon.....
love you..

Jacquie said...

Looks amazing! I love that deck, I'd like to be sitting out there right now in the warm sun with a cold cocktail. Beam me in, sistah!!

love you

Need to Readify in Central PA said...

Impressive! How about a visit to a large deck in need of some of your readifying skills right here in Central PA?? You do know there's beer on tap in the barn to help you recover from all that shoulder grease you use up.