Thursday, April 12, 2018

I found 29 recent food and drink photos on my phone

Is that a lot? 

It's a lot more than the number of photos representing any other category, I'll tell you that much. 

And in the interest of full disclosure, there were more photos than that but I didn't post the ones I already shared on facebook or wherever. 

The first photo is dated March 14, the day I left for Albuquerque

Tito's and soda at the airport bar, I think it was like $17 for a double. 
Then there are a few of the food from the conference I attended, because I'd been certain that there would be at least one chicken parm represented, but they got all southwest up in ABQ

Tamales, albondigas, salad, tortillas. they had fajitas but no one in their right mind would eat a thing with that many bell peppers in it

Caprese salad, minestrone, salad. There was pasta too, but it didn't tempt me. #notchixparm 

A very weird steak with crunchy onions, this was restaurant food not conference food. But still. #notparm
 And then I came home, and celebrated an obligatory sushi feast with  my kiddos, with obligatory before and after montage:

 from left: 2 orders of Salmon nigiri,
Pokie roll (inside: spicy tuna, cilantro, gobo, cucumber. on top: salmon, avocado, scallions, ponzu sauce)
Spicy tuna roll
Clara's crunchy roll - do I need to look up what's in it? I'm certain there is krab with a k. In fact, it's probably called a krunchy roll
front: sake  

It was pretty okay, overall
 The next several shots were from the making of a pot roast

Seared and in the dutch oven, ready to cook for 4ish hours

Voi to the la, man  #just3ofus

Here's my plate, so much yum with a fork smashed sweet potato option.
 There were mashed potatoes and gravy on my boy's plate. I think Clara had a veggie burger but come on, no one can resist pulling bites of pot roast and those veggies off of the serving platter

I apparently made machaca from the leftovers, which is interesting because that's what I'm planning to make tonight after insisting that we haven't had it in a hundred ages
 Now we'll get a bit more random. If you can dream that possible.

This was the dinner Clara requested after getting back from a 5 day backpacking trip in Joshua Tree

This was a late night snack plate to soak up some booze

This is a game called blue line - everyone gets a corona and  you have to try to drink it down to the blue line. Whoever is the farthest has to drink a shot. I did not lose. 

These were delicious mules that were so overpriced we had to force the bartender to buy us the 2nd round. 

These were the best margaritas! Look at those serranos floating around. I die. 

Here is a table set for shabu shabu, the stuff of dreams

If your friends have shabu shabu AND this level of snackage, you know they are keepers

The greyhounds at wonderland, with extra flourish, making a margarita sandwich

taco night! it's all about the presentation
 I believe I already showed my Easter Feast table, but have you seen my plate?
I need to bite it. 
 And then, the parade of leftovers

Pot pie prep


I mean, really yum. 

This was a sandwich that came with a warning about spiciness. I had to ask for hot sauce. Puhleeze.

There's this one place in old town that has jello shots. I think I'm not allowed to go there anymore. 

Carnitas! Tonight's machaca base

Place setting of dreams
 And finally, dessert

I'd rather have a taco


Me, You, or Ellie said...

WOW. I have so many thoughts and feelings.

First of all, you are a good cooker. You remind me a *lot* of a certain Betty Crocker. Seriously! Those meals! That presentation! All the freshness and variety and pretty plates and place mats! I need to come over more often.

Secondly, or more accurately, Firstly the Second, that grape leaves plate.

Secondly for real, those margies! Those greyhounds! Those coronas! We are still firmly in the winter drink mode around here -- I haven't seen a vodka-and-grapefruit, a tequila-and-serrano, or a bloody light beer around here since last summer. Soon, though, maybe. Soon. Maybe.

And finally? A warning about spiciness? Puh-leaze is right. There's not enough hot sauce in the world . . .

This is the perfect send-off for the weekend. I'm so inspired now. We're going to a meat-fest-thing our BBQ-man neighbor is throwing, and I'm going to mix up a delicious concoction to go along with it.

And now if you'll excuse me, I need to go serrano shopping.

With eternal thanks,
Yours in Yum,

mom said...

I can't believe your cooking prowess, you sure didn't get it from me.. I don't know what half of those things you're making/eating are! You really are an amazing cook and your cocktails ain't half bad either!
I love you.....