Monday, April 16, 2018

Who's Ready?

Who's ready for the season?




"We're ready. Thanks for cleaning us, Ellie. You rock."

Grape vines?

"We're ready. We'll see how this goes."


"Ready, dude. Already discussed this."


"Ready. Thanks for bringing me upstairs.
Thank Mistah for bringing me upstairs; don't forget it was his idea."


"Can I not transplant Iris in peace?"


"Thank you for being so awesome and attentive. Ellie.
We love you and we are going to make you proud.
You sure need a lot of self congratulations."


"Um, see above? I mean, we get it. We know how ready you are for the season. And we appreciate all you have done for us. We love being clean and fresh and bleached of all our wintertime blues. But for godssake, woman. Stop anthropomorphizing us. We are chairs. Chairs. We have a social contract. You sit on us; we hold you.
You sit, we hold. We're good.

Now can you just sit down and enough already with all the talk about the weather?"

I think we're ready.


mom said...

I love reading about how ready you are for Spring as the snow is falling here in Evanston!! Will this winter never end??
I must admit it's warm and cozy here at the Holts, a good day to read a good book!
ps, love all your chairs!

Jacquie said...

Poised and ready, the lot of 'em! I think the chairs could lose the 'tude, though. Even the plants accepted their anthropomorphism, and they are PLANTS, I mean look you're a plant, an inanimate object....

Does this look inanimate to you, Chump?

love you, it shall soon be sprung, I'm certain of it.