Thursday, April 5, 2018

Superstar Easter

There’s one thing I am bound and determined to do on Easter Sunday every year without fail.

Yeah, yeah, eggs/feast/joy yada yada, I’m always going to do all of that too, but the mandatory annual event I speak of now is the listening to of a certain soundtrack

Cue orchestra

Jesus Christ Superstar

It’s a commitment, this soundtrack. Much like my beloved Hamilton, it requires 86 minutes of listening*. It can’t just be started wily nily in the middle of other business.

*singing at the top of the lungs with intermittent interpretive dance

The Listening* also has the quality of being potentially annoying to some people despite their exposure to the phenomenon a bare minimum of 19/16 times, respectively. People who may or may not also have other expectations of their single parent on this most blessed holiday.

My personal preference is to plug a speaker in to the kitchen outlet and request that It Begin during the time I will inevitably spend in my kitchen preparing the traditional Holiday feast for the masses that need only feed we three.

This year my girl wanted to hover while I prepped the feast, which I was delighted to oblige after obtaining the necessary waivers and memorandum of understanding that my primary role for the next 90ish minutes was to sing. And to dance.

posted at noon with caption: Eggs found, chocolate consumed, time to prep the boid and start the soundtrack

Oh yes, the eggs had been found

This year’s loot made the empty feeling eggs most coveted

So by 11:31am I was ready to prep, and prep I did. I prepped, I sang, I danced, and then I had plenty of time to run out for cranberries and pie crust

I even took the scenic route

before the obligatory dying of the eggs


The epic feast was presented with flourish. We are a small family, yet mighty.

Don't worry, I drank everyone's champagne

The epic mess was eventually cleaned, and we retired to the davenport with wine and jellybeans, because this year there was a new tradition to behold, one that I fervently hope will be repeated or recreated annually from this day forward into eternity

Cue orchestra


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh. My. God. I die.

Can you *BELIEVE* that JCSS? I have not stopped. I have not stopped watching the clips, (mostly of Mary Magdelene, with whom I am in love, but yeah yeah yeah, Judas and Jesus too. But the way Mary Mag sings "tonight". Like the way Clara used to say, "Jiddoo." I die. I die constantly.), I have not stopped singing the soundtrack -- which is part of my dna -- I have not stopped *listening* to the soundtrack. Like, THIS MORNING. Again. I die.

Your table looks beautiful, I'm so impressed that you dye eggies the day of, the only thing more adorable than your bike is you, and finally, next year *please* include a video clip of your interpretive dance.

I die.


unmitigated me said...

We have been on the road for good Friday in years past, and JCSS is great for that, too! Though I will listen to both the film and the Broadway cast albums anytime.