Monday, April 10, 2017


The best things about Spring?

Well, that's easy.

The greening up. Especially in The Field.

The base-a-ball. Especially David Wright facing heat with a Rose of Sharon bat.

The magical miracles. Especially those we didn't own last Spring.

Not that we own you, croci. Nobody owns croci. But we're glad you're blooming for us. And the only time I like dead last-fall's leaves is as a background for blooming croci, so thanks for that, too.

Happy Spring!


Dawnie said...

So how exactly did you arrange for this exquisite spring day to match your "sprang" blog? Perfect.

mom said...

I know, Dawnie, the day we've been waiting for!! Nice timing Ellie, nice blog...
love, mom

Beth said...

Pure lovely! (With a little bit of silly.)


Jacquie said...

Aw, look at those adorable little croak-asses. love!