Monday, December 31, 2018

The Boy

It's impossible to think about anything else or talk about anything else or write about anything else.


James. He went by James. James reinvented himself several times over the years, and preferred to be called James, but I looked that kid in the eyeballs and asked if I could still keep calling him Jimmy and he said the very thing that made him so very him.

"No worries."


That tormented soul.

Julie went that day. Jane went the next week and overlapped. Jacquie and Clara went to the safe harbors of Mexico to escape. Jacquie's friend Janet joined them.

As I told Jacquie, I'll be the jackass who finally arrives on the 12th.

The 12th. I just want it to be the 12th. I just want to GO.

Mistah and I haven't been in San Diego since the day we drove out of there to move to New London and to claim our home in 2008.

That was a long time ago.

We're going back.

We're going back to celebrate The Boy.

Our Boy.

Our Jimmy.


Beth said...

big fat sigh.

but i am so looking forward to seeing you and mistah. xoxo

central PA said...


Noelle said...

8 more sleeps Ellie.... 8 more til you're there! Xoxo