Monday, August 6, 2018

One Hit Wonder

When I drive to the beach -- it is only two miles but for godssake people, I bring all the stuff; I need a car -- and in that car I need to have every window and the sunroof open, and I need to hear a summertime song.

Sirius Radio gives us The Bridge which is perfect for groovin' -- I grew up in the 70s, so oh how I groove -- but although groovin' works for most moments in life, for going to the beach? Not so much. No, I need to turn the dial one notch down, and tune into the 70s on 7.

I have no interest in the 70s on 7 in the dead of Winter . . . or, for that matter, the dawn of Spring or the dusk of Fall . . . but in the Summertime? I am all about the One Hit Wonders of the 70s on 7.

Which brings me to today.

Today, I am calling it a One Hit Wonder Day. One and Done. That's all, folks. That's all she wrote.

Hey, it's August. Everybody on the Planet Earth should be at the beach or toasting their Auntie Sylv or gardening or making rum drinks or visiting colleges or reading books or star-gazing or eating goldfish or biking or listening to baseball or singing pop tunes or for the love of petessake, soaking in this summertime because it's August and August is the real deal, people.

So in the spirit of 70s on 7, I'm declaring today One Hit Wonder day.


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Lisa S said...

Good news: I kayaked. It's not on your list of August activities, but it should be.
Bad news: After 7 years, I have given up Sirius. I miss the Bridge and 70s on 7 so much!