Thursday, May 1, 2008

Gone to Texas

After we busted out of Nogales,we headed to Pagatonia Arizona.

Patagonia’s got mountains,

It’s got a creek,

It’s got javalinas, who may look like rats, but are actually collared peccories.

It’s got the author Chuck Bowden,

who invited us to stay with him at his friend’s gorgeous house.

It’s got a good ol’ watering hole.

(That’s our man Rubén’s handprint, from pushing our Westy into –
and out of – his taller.
We’re never wiping it off.)

We finally left Arizona and headed to Texas.
Imagine our delight when we stopped at this gas station in Van Horn:

Can you read the words on the cooler?

Yes, Free Beer.
Welcome to Texas!
Next stop:


Anonymous said...

Look how the grumpy guy from the bed of the Motel 6 has brightened! Great shots, Patagonia is gorgeous, but nothing rivals the beauty of free tecate! con limon?

Anonymous said...

Free beer? Where the hell is that Motel 6 ice when you need it?

And, yes, Ellie, I had to recheck the name of the damn motel (again), I really think it should be Motel 8.

Anonymous said...

Ah, sí. Claro.

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by my home of missing penguins! And your trip looks AWESOME.

Okay, that's a lie. I froze at "free beer" because such a miracle just proves the existence of the divine.

Unknown said...

But I plan to inspect more of your trip when I recover.

(sorry for the split-comment. user error)

JS said...

If and when you get to Dallas, look me up. I'll make that *perfect* margarita for you. I'm rushing about right now, but will come back and explore. I think I'll like it. I know I like free beer, especially free Tecate con limon!