Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Leaving Fort Davis

We did it. We got out of Fort Davis.

We began our Re-Lo adventure, from our house in Fort Davis, Texas, where we lived for only 4 months, but were firmly ensconced, to our house in New London, Connecticicut.

We emptied the contents of this house:

Including this room:

And this room:

And this orange bathroom:

Into this Westy:

We packed every nook, corner and cranny of every closet, cabinet and storage space of this Westy.

No, it didn’t all fit, so we sent our beloved futon and 3 beloved stools to our beloved Fort Davis friends for safekeeping.

It still didn’t fit, so we returned 2 borrowed tables and 9 borrowed chairs to our beloved friends in Fort Davis, Marfa and Alpine.

No. Of course it STILL didn’t fit. So we donated all the thrift store junk back to the thrift store. . . and left the rest for our still-to-be-determined, but surely unsuspecting tenants.

We said goodbye to Fort Davis:

(and left that agave behind, sigh…)

We crossed the Pecos River:

(and left Far West Texas behind, sigh . . . )

Filled up, of couse:

(You never know when you’re going to have another chance. )

. . . And drove off, in full trailer trash mode.

Hello, "Sooner" State!

Hello, "Natural" State!
Oh No!! Not again!
Oh Yes. Again.

But this time, we’re taking matters into our OWN hands:

I KNOW!! We could have brought the futon . . .


Unknown said...

Yowza. I guess it's too late for "happy trails". Happy futon-shopping, maybe?

Anonymous said...

Look at the poor little Westy. Sigh. Is all of this trouble related to the work you had done here, or are the old girl's organs just starting to shut down?

I love your pretty Fort Davis rooms, the house looks so welcoming and vibrant. High five on joining the orange bathroom club.

Can't wait to hear about the next leg!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, oh my, oh my. You could have brought a lot more than the futon with you. And it sure would have made sleeping in the U-Haul a lot more comfortable.

P.S. I think the Westy's heart is broken because she's not your primary home anymore.

JS said...

Obviously, you ignored my invitation entirely...didn't stop in Dallas for a margarita. I'm thinking Westy just succumbed to my mojo. Poor a little tequila and lime juice in the tank and she'll be good as new.

Sweet Jennie said...

Unbelievable!! Poor Westie. :-(
Truly, the only thing to do is for Billy to put that suit on again. Sure to cheer things up. :-)

Aline said...

Yikes! So sorry to see the Westy having hard times, but something tells me she'll be back to purring in no time.

If you and Mistah Schleckah would like to stop and see old friends in H-town...give the pedal-to-the-metal's some rest...got wine?! Why yes, we do!

Anonymous said...

We're sleeping in the WESTY, Beth, not the UHaulic! We're just towing our master bedroom suite around with us now.....

AKA, sorry we missed you. AND your margies. We've been on a mission.... And sorry we missed YOU in H-town, too, Ms. H. Just moving too fast these days....

And as for YOU, Sweet Jennie, well, I'll see YOU tomorrow!!!