Thursday, May 29, 2008


I really have nothing today. No good angle for some interesting blog entry. I was going to fill you in on the new goldfish, but I forgot my camera, and the goldfish post really requires photos.

So what to talk about?

Moving? Turning 40? Getting divorced? Starting the freelance project I agreed to do but have no time for?

These are the subjects that are weighing on my mind lately. With the exception of turning 40, which I have successfully done, these things bring me down, worry me, sometimes wake me in the middle of the night.

We all have these demons in our heads. Yours are probably not the same as mine, but I’m almost positive you have some. Or have had some in the past (if you’re lucky enough to be free of them now).

We all have our own personal coping mechanisms too. Some of my personal favorites are: denial, alcohol, and positive thinking (not necessarily in this order).

But when I really look at my life, the thing that lifts me above all my worries, that gets me through the difficult, bumpy times (and I’ve had a few of these lately) are my friends.

They’re the very best.

At a minimum they’ll drink with you. Even if it’s a school night and they have to talk their husbands into watching the kids; even if you’ve not been very good at keeping in touch lately; even if it’s supposed to be poker night, and they’re looking forward to throwing cards and taking your money, they’ll rally behind you and listen to your marital (or some other) saga instead.

If your situation requires more than a night of drinking, they’ll invite you to go out of town to get your mind off things, even if it’s a trip planned around a race and they know you don’t run.

They’re also superb at telling you only the good things people say about you, and forgetting the rest.

On top of all this, they buy you things, they make you laugh, they watch your kids, they ask their friends and family for favors on your behalf. The do incredibly big things and small mundane things. From holding your hand while you sob over your broken heart to picking the lint off of your sweater, they take care of you.

My mom (a friend) threw me a party Tuesday night for my 40th birthday. I was surrounded by friends. Old friends, new friends, and even a few friends of friends. I hugged every one, tight, at least once. Because although friends might never know just how much they mean to us, how we love them and are indebted to them and only want the best for them, we want them to know. I hope they know. I really hope they do.


Anonymous said...


I love you too, babycakes!

And loads of anonymous San Diego readers love you too, they're just too shy to comment =)

Anonymous said...

Aw Beth. If I weren't on the godforsaken OTHER coast I'd give you a big fat hug right now. AND have a drink with you. AND watch your kids. For $10 an hour.

Anonymous said...

$10 an hour for a drunk babysitter -- now that's a deal! When will you be back?

Anonymous said...

I love you Beth.... I love your thoughtfulness in every word!!! : )