Saturday, May 31, 2008

Weekend 3-Way

What's In Your Fridge?

player one:

Pathetic, I know. Measly and paltry and just plain sad.

But beer from Texas, that's good. And 2 bottles of champers. That's really good. That's leftie chicken quesadillas next to the champers, and cilantro in the colander. Those are fresh eggies from our North Stongington friends' very own chickens. There are nothing in the drawers. I opened the freezer to show off my ice maker. I have an ice maker. And one thing of margarita mix lime ade and 1/2 package of Hot Italians.

Now excuse me while I go to the grocery store.


player two:
What's In Your Fridge?

This is not my typical fridge. Really, it isn't. I'm not claiming to me Ms. Healthy, but normally you can find something other than beer and cake inside my fridge.

But today, it's true, you'll find 4 types of beer:

And 2 types of leftover cake:

(Want to see what kinds?)

Carrot cake (Yummm).

And coconut cake (double yummm).

Oh, and excuse me, there actually is more in here than beer and cake....there's also Champagne and chocoloate covered strawberries.

And some leftover pizza

Geez, all I need now is my boyfriend and room service.

player three:

What's in your fridge?

but I'm TOTALLY going to try and raid Ms. Healthy's fridge tomorrow


buddysnuddys said...

Did that champagne/wine holder thingy come with your fridge? Or did you buy it separately? Please say separately and tell me where you got it. I NEED IT!

Anonymous said...

I love that we all featured champagne. And buddysnuddy, that's not my fridge but I'm pretty sure the holder thingie came with it.

Anonymous said...

I love that we all HAVE champagne. Clearly, ours were gifts. New house and all that. Miraculous that they're still there.....

Kathy Rogers said...

I am in love with bachelorette, I mean refrigerator, number two.

Anonymous said...

Mmm,me too. I'm eating some carrot cake right now.

(But I'm not planning on breakaing into the Moet [which is resting on the holder thingy that *did* come with the fridge, but which I think you can order seperately as an 'accessory' online] tonight.)