Wednesday, May 7, 2008


It hasn’t rained in Fort Davis since Thanksgiving. Think about that for 2 seconds. Christmas and New Year’s came and went. We arrived out here in January. Mom and Dad visited in February. We left for a trip to the West Coast in March, and were gone a month – most of it in the Motel 6 in Nogales.

I know it can be boring to talk about the weather, but Thanksgiving was a long time ago. That’s a long time for it not to rain.

All that changed on Monday night.

The clouds rolled in in the late afternoon, as they often do:

(They don’t call it High Sky Country out here for nothing…)

But this time,



(That’s the Church in the Mountains, across the street from our house. You don’t think they should worry, do you? That lightning is striking right through their steeple? )

It was a spectacular storm, accompanied by a steady, heavy, drenching rain. The likes we’ve not seen since, well, since November.

Aaahhh..... said the thirsty prickly pear cactus:

Aaahhh.... said the thirsty pecan trees:

Aaahhh.... said the thirsty chocolate daisy wildflowers:

Aaahhh.... said the other thirsty prickly pear cactus:

Aaahhh.... said the thirsty globe mallow wildflowers:
Aaahhh.... said the thirsty barrel cactus:

Aaahhh.... said the Thirsty Girl:



Anonymous said...

Wowza, those are amazing lightning photos! You know, I've heard that it never rains in southern california, but just so you know? that's bullshit.

I'm thirsty.

Anonymous said...

Spectacular! I love it.

I bet it was the last photo that we were waiting on though, wasn't it? The one where you are drinking the beer, because Lord knows you have that can't-drink-until-after-noon rule. Or is that somebody else??

Anonymous said...

no way, man - I can't imagine that Ellie would postpone a drink if it was required for artistic purposes!

Maybe she was waiting for a desert flower to bloom?

Unless she needed a photographer....

Anonymous said...

No I cannot imagine that either; I guess you couldn't see the sarcastic smirk on my face as I wrote it:-)

Anonymous said...

Actually, I was waiting for the sun to move in the sky, to shine on the plants in our yard from the right angle. The sun took a long time to do so. Silly sun.

And no, I have no problem drinking before noon, if my Art requires it. That particular beer, though, was about the last thing I wanted at that point in the day, after far too much wine last night. (Do I see a pattern developing here?) But, I duly did my duty, in the name of Art.

JS said...

Your photos are something special. I love hard weather. Watching black, angry clouds make a cauldron of the sky and hearing the crack of thunder at the instant a lightening bolt rips across the sky lays bare the humility in me.

And I love Tecate beer with lime. It's a lot like hard weather with wine.