Friday, June 13, 2008

Weekend 3-Way

I've been packing this week. Packing up all my earthly belongings. It isn't a ton of stuff, but definitely more than Ellie packed up for her move east.

While emptying out various drawers and closets I've been re-discovering all sorts of cool stuff. Mementos from other other times and places in my life; great old photos, small trinkets, concert ticket stubs, etc.

One of my favorite finds is a box of photographs and illustrations that I used to have displayed together on a bulletin board. Why did I ever take it down? I love these images.

Then today I came across the "inspiration board" of J. Otto Seibold, a well-known illustrator.

How cool is this?

Pretty cool.

So, the question is, what images inspire you?



body language.


that desert landscape.....

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