Monday, July 28, 2008

Green things growing

Can you have a green vacation? was the title (and subject) of guest blogger Jane's post this past weekend. (Thank you to Jane, btw). Here is my reply to Jane: Why yes, yes you can. You can have a very green vacation.

I just had one, last week. I was in Costa Rica, one of our beautiful neighbors to the south. It's rainy season down there, which means lots of, well, yes, rain, and lots and lots of green. In fact, it was so green, so verdant, so lush, that I almost lost my suitcase.....

Plants and grasses grow on everything, every roof, every rock, every nook and cranny.

Here's a typical bus stop:

And a photo of my suitcase by day two:

Here's the hotel's pool bar palapa:

And my suitcase on day three:

Here's the Palenque bar's roof:

And my suitcase on day four:

Even the very elegant Grand Spa's roof is not exempt:

This greenery makes for very beautiful landscapes:

But, shit, where the hell is my suitcase?


Anonymous said...

looks beautiful Beth, so glad you had a great time! I'd like to swim on up to that bar...

Anonymous said...

Welcome home, Beth! We missed you desperately. The green lushness is gorgeous. I only wish we got to see you in your new bikinis....