Saturday, July 5, 2008

Weekend 3-Way

The other day, Beth said:

"I was going to suggest that we do a very easy 3-way this weekend: each of us would post their favorite/best/most telling photo from the 4th of July."

Ellie and Jacquie are so very obedient - is Beth still in bed???


Editor’s Note: The above is a reconstruction of the Fourth of July activity at the author’s home. The author drank too much of the concoction – pictured above – she was blending, and forgot to take a photo at the time. The tableau was reconstructed this morning, to the best of the author’s ability and memory. No, I wouldn’t trust it either.


Editor's note: the author is mighty impressed by her own mad photoshop skills because she figured out how to do this collage and thus eliminate the need to choose just one photo. Unfortunately, the author is unable to figure out how to make the damned thing bigger, and is now giving up in pursuit of the sun and lots of coffee.


Editor's note: The author did manage to take a very limited number of photos yesterday, but simply could not decide which one was best. She was paralyzed by indecision (and by the fact that she left her camera-to-computer cord at work and could not download them). So, think of the most amazing photo you can, and imagine it placed just above this note.


Anonymous said...

Oh. My. God. I am *SO* impressed! I do not know how to do that. I need to learn how to do that.

JS said...

Ellie found her way into my kitchen somehow. Now I'm concerned that I'm being watched. Are there hidden cameras in my house?

nightowl said...

Ellie, that is precisely how the bar in your kitchen looked. I only had two Margaritas (before I switched to wine) (I think); I am a trustworthy source. Nice job!

Anonymous said...

Mr. AKA: Yes. Yes there are. So watch your back, buddy.

MartyJoCo: Thank you! And thanks for your eyewitness corroboration.

Anonymous said...

Well, I wasn't invited!

OK. Photo question: You have to have a photo program. Open it and choose "new" and it will be a blank page. Open your photos and slide them, one at a time, onto the blank page. You'll just have to resize them by adjusting their corners to fit. Tadah!

See? I wasn't INVITED but I am still helpful.

Anonymous said...

Well of course you were invited! Just Come On Down from Indiana, and join us. And thanks for the tip....