Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Body Surfing 101

A quick tutorial on a successful Day At The Beach.

Go to Watch Hill in Rhode Island with your girl Nancy, her husband Jonny, their gorgeous son El, their sparkling daughter Zo-Zo, and your friend Steven. Oh, and of course, Mistah Schleckah, your personal photographer.

Choose a beautiful day.

Bring an
Oscar full of beer.



Watch the motorboats . . .

. . . and the sailboats

. . . and the girls go by.

Watch Mistah Schleck take wacky photography. (That yellow is the sun ‘brally. He’s an arteest).

Play Frisbee.

(Actually, I don’t think that’s a genuine Wham-O® brand Frisbee. Rats.)

Marvel at your girl Nancy’s girl. . .

. . . and your godson-turned-man.

He’s a swimmer. Can you tell?


Bodysurfing is all in the timing.

Assume the Ready Position. Arms straight out!

See that wave starting to break? Now! Start now!

Ride her in.

See that look of concentration and determination? Very important. So what if you look demented. It’s not like anyone is taking your photo or anything.

Sometimes at the very end you get a little pummeled.

Which is fine as long as you’ve still got that fiery look. And notice that form? Arms are still straight out.

And now, end with a Big Finish. With a big cheesy smile.

But, um, you might want to look out for that gigantic wave behind you.

Oh dear.


Anonymous said...

You crack me up, Ellie. Truly.

I wish I was going to spend today at the beach with you and Mistah Schleck. I'd even bring my Playmate. (Egads!)

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great day! Love the action shots. Zoe is a mini-Nancy, so cute! I wanna go to the beach.

Anonymous said...

Well you both MUST go to the beach next Saturday (7/12), because that's Sailfest here in New London, and you must carry on the OB West tradition. We'll be at OB East, madly texting the other OB.

Anonymous said...

I'm in. Even though our fucking beers have been outlawed. Beth?

Anonymous said...

Beers have always been outlawed in Connecticut. That's never stopped us, though.......

Anonymous said...

Ahem. I have a birthday party to go to that day, a 4th birthday party. But perhaps after? Some afternoon time at Sailfest West? We could also carry on the tradition from the Marseilles Street block party, which is that afternoon, because, well, it's in OB and we can see the ocean.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes! That is also the night of the art auction for the kids' school... So many options!!!

Unknown said...


JS said...

I like your new header...├╝ber-cool.
Body-surfing is the only kind of surfing I can (could?) do. I loved it. But I used to get bad sand-burns when I wiped out. By the way, when shall I plan to move in with the good tequila?

Anonymous said...

Love the latest blog - and have the following comments:
1. You're nuts to be swimming anywhere in the Northeast before July 31 - the water is way too cold.
2. I was slightly distracted by the "gigantic wave behind you" photo - I think earlier blogs have made mention of the distraction I am referring to.
3. Don't you miss the warm water of Florida - including my pool?? I do....

P.S. Hi Bill!

Anonymous said...

Glad I wasn't the only one to notice, Chris! I'm pretty sure John did too.

Anonymous said...

Ha! You peeps are silly.

Chrissie, the water was perfect. Cold when you first step in, but ideal when you get those endorphins going...

Mr. AKA, Jacquie gets the kudos for our new "Blind Drunk" header. (I love the spot where the thumb tack was, don't you?). And we killed a bottle of delivered-straight-from-Mexico tequila our friends Steven and Levi brought on Monday, so C'Mon Down! with that new bottle! Maybe you and Chrissie can plan it together: she's got Patron.

P. Orozco Cronin said...

Oh Hi There Ellie grrrl!
Those were perfect beach shots.
Loved them. Made me miss SD, which I only tend to miss in the summertime, like now.
I've been meaning to write you and Mr. Bill to thank you for the great Ed Abbey book, Desert Solitaire, which I'm loving. It is my type of book, totally. I like the way his mind works.
My bike misses you, Ellie. It needs a ride. The weather is perfect these days. Guinness is in the fridge and the neighbor's home made chocolate cake on the counter. All we need is the body surfing to round things out....

Laura Solis said...

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