Friday, July 25, 2008


My life changed on Tuesday.

Mistah Schleckah left town for 8 days. He’s at the other end of the state on double-doggie-doodie-duty. Actually, starting on Saturday, he’ll be on triple-doggie-doodie-duty.

Poor, poor Schleckah.

Here he is all packed up and ready to leave.

Bye Mistah! Have fun with the doggies! (He is waving, but he can’t roll down his window.)

I didn’t even have time to miss Bill because he was replaced almost immediately by another man.

By this man. The AT&T man. The man who connected my poor sad sorry soul to the internet. To the world wide web. To the rest of civilization.

He also hooked up a home phone for us.
I love Mr. AT&T Man. He's the nicest AT&T Man in the world.

Later that evening my friends P&M stopped by. They were heading out of town, and I'm opening their Tavern for them afternoons this week, so they dropped off a key. They also dropped off their second car for me to use.

Isn’t that nice of them?

They're the nicest P&M in the whole wide world.
Of course, I do miss my man Bill.

I miss him when I have to make my own coffee in the morning.

I miss him at Happy Hour:

That’s poor Mistah’s empty, unused glass on the left.

But as Mistah Himself would say, “The only thing worse than drinking alone is not drinking at all.”

I miss his silly repartee.


He's the nicest Mistah in the whole wide world.

Later that night, though, I sat there with a big cheesy grin on my face because I realized that in the course of One Day:

  • I got connected to the internet
  • I got a home phone
  • I got loaned a car
  • I got the key to my favorite bar
  • My husband left town

This is turning into One Hell Of A Week.


Anonymous said...

Do you know WHY you got so much accomplished while "love god" was gone? Because it HAPPENED instead of just being DISCUSSED. I discuss things to death with my love god, but once he's out of the house, I stop discussing and GET 'ER DONE!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I do believe Mistah -- I mean love god -- would be the first to agree.

Madness said...

Oh Oh OH!! I took pics of my AT&T guy who hooked up the phone *last century* on WEDNESDAY .. put I havent POSTED them because THE INTERNET STILL ISNT ON!!
AT&T was AT MY HOUSE .. but dude was all union on us and all "my order only says home phone .. I see the order for internet here in my computer, but another guy has that"
Anyway ...
Where is Mistah? no internet at home means I havent been reading, or commenting much .. i have to SNEAK it at work. SHHHHHHH...

Anonymous said...

Well if you had read the beginning of my post, and hadn't skipped straight to the photos of my successful AT&T guy, you'd know Mistah is off doogie-sitting.

I'm sorry for your troubles. My AT&T guy was the best EVER. Although he couldn't quite fathom the fact that we were signing up for internet and a phone but no TV. Gasp!

Rita said...

But... but... with no TV, how do you watch The Colbert Report??? Oh, wait, I guess you can view the clips on Comedy Central. Whew. Otherwise, I'd have to feel you were missing out on something.

It is amazing what we can get done when the testosterone leaves the building, sometimes, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Well, yes and no. Because don't forget when Mr. Testosterone left the building, I got the internet. And I have gone down the rabbit hole more than once, drinking too much wine, into the night. Which is one of the reason I didn't want TV, Colbert Report notwithstanding. My poor poor book is so ignored...

Anonymous said...

Congrats on being hooked up, Ellie! I very much enjoyed the 7000 e-mails yesterday.

Kathy Rogers said...

Hang on.

You have a key to a bar. You are alone. And yet you sit there and blog? Good Lord.